Human - Three Days Grace


Three Days Grace

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2015-03-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Human ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Human Race Three Days Grace 4:09
Painkiller Three Days Grace 2:58
Fallen Angel Three Days Grace 3:06
Landmine Three Days Grace 3:25
Tell Me Why Three Days Grace 3:30
I Am Machine Three Days Grace 3:21
So What Three Days Grace 2:57
Car Crash Three Days Grace 2:50
Nothing's Fair In Love and War Three Days Grace 3:44
One Too Many Three Days Grace 2:41
The End Is Not the Answer Three Days Grace 2:52
The Real You Three Days Grace 3:54


  • I am machine

    By greatest concert ever
    This song is really great I fell like I can relate to all of this and I’ve felt it before
  • Genuinely terrible

    By ZeldaOcarina
    I’m sorry but even after all these years of thinking I’d grow into this album, I hate it

    By helloimpeeppe
    good song
  • Great Album, Not TDG

    By srv lover
    Change the name. The lead singer has got some good vocals, the songs have good lyrics, and the bad still has some good sound..but this isnt TDG. Bands need to learn that, when your lead singer is also one of your main writers, you cant just replace them and call yourselves the same band. Hinder has been making the same mistake. Imagine if Fall Out Boy lost Patrick for example. It would literally shatter the entire sound and foundation the band was built on. Id rather watch a band move on to a new project than just try and move on and pretend like nothing has changed.
  • Who Cares if There’s a new person singing

    By sniperdoodledoo
    Y’all don’t even know what’s music. Matt makes so many Amazing music and he literally sounds amazing too. Y’all are not use to Matt singing. I hear there music even single day and 3DG never stops giving up. KEEP IT UP!!!!!
  • Grow up and stop complaining

    By SariyahD 5th grade
    Ok, here’s the thing; first of all, these haters are probably jealous bc they can’t sing. And second, I bet their singing voice is so terrible, they can lose their voice. My fav song is Painkiller. And they have a different way of singing, so they shouldn’t have to listen to all these haters. Painkiller has to be a hit bc that’s all I even listen to every day. Bruh, stop the hate just bc the new leader isn’t Adam. Seriously, tho, stop the hate. It’s ridiculous how these guys are singing this, yet these haters don’t like it just bc Adam left. Like, grow up. These haters can’t even sing, I bet. Unlike most of us who actually like this music. Stop the hate. These haters are acting like a 2 year old. Bc these haters don’t like this music, don’t listen to it at all. So do us a favor and get lost. Matt isn’t like Adam, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t 3DG anymore. It’s them, even tho Adam left. So stop complaining like a 2 year old and grow up. Everyone is different and has a different singing voice, and what does that has to do with anything? Right now, I’m so mad at these haters, I’m giving them a piece of my mind. Seriously, stop complaining and just grow up. Just bc Adam left and Matt is the new leader, but isn’t like Adam, doesn’t mean it’s not the 3DG anymore. I don’t care what you haters think, but grow up and stop the hate! The 3DG is still amazing, the way their singing is, but if you don’t, then don’t listen to it and grow up! I’m tired of you haters keep saying it’s not the 3DG anymore. Enough! Just bc Adam isn’t in the band anymore doesn’t mean it’s not them! If you think it’s not them anymore, then do them and to most of us who ACTUALLY like this music, do us a favor and get lost!
  • I love it!!!

    By MarbleAphid2237
    I love the beats, it was a genius to combine between pain and killer and it also reminds me of Adam goniners song pain and years later they decided to put painkiller, I love it but overall this is one of my favorite songs I ever heard
  • Stop the hate

    By braedonC
    I’m tired of hearing 3DG is dead bc Adam left, grow the f* up, who cares if your booty hurt that he left. They still make good music. Y’all are just haters. Lemme see you make and band and sell music
  • Absolutely awful

    By spacething
    I love Adam gontier and I’m not even just saying this because he’s gone but this guy is a literal disgrace to the bands name I can’t listen to it at all
  • Ehh...

    By Dark-Musician
    This has got to be one of my least favorite albums of all time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Three Days Grace, especially their older stuff but this album has so many songs that don’t have anything special in them. But the reason why I give this a 2/5 was because I actually like Fallen Angel and I Am Machine...and I think Painkiller is alright. I really don’t like Human Race tho. They did chose well with the singles imo, but the album as a whole is just not enough for me to give this album a higher rating. The rest of the songs on the album were not special, repetitive, generic, & boring.