I Can't Stop Drinking About You (Remix) - EP - Bebe Rexha

I Can't Stop Drinking About You (Remix) - EP

Bebe Rexha

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2014-08-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5
  • ℗ 2014 Warner Records Inc.

I Can't Stop Drinking About You (Remix) - EP ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
I Can't Stop Drinking About Yo Bebe Rexha 4:23 USD 1.29
I Can't Stop Drinking About Yo Bebe Rexha 5:07 USD 1.29
I Can't Stop Drinking About Yo Bebe Rexha 4:06 USD 1.29
I Can't Stop Drinking About Yo Bebe Rexha 3:21 USD 1.29
I Can't Stop Drinking About Yo Bebe Rexha 3:48 USD 1.29


  • The Chainsmokers & Bebe Rexha

    By Yulaw_Lee
  • everything best right here!!!!!

    By SadeSicarious
    besides the fact that she is an angel, her voice is unstopable I want more
  • C’mon PizzaMan

    By gbern1993
    Hey ThePizzaMan#2, if #SELFIE and Kanye are the only two songs you’ve heard from The Chainsmokers, then you haven’t really heard The Chainsmokers. They have a bunch of great remixes.
  • Chainsmokers Remix!!!!

    By chpmonday
    These remixes are pretty decent, but the Chainsmokers Remix is on point, better than the original version. 👌👍
  • This song is Just Perfection.

    By ThisCoonSays
    Love This Song, I listen to it everyday. I do recommend even to use when working out. Keep up the good work 😘
  • Bebe Rexha is a doll; these remixes ball

    By ThePizzaMan#2
    The original "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" is an amazingly written track. However, where it lacks is in music production. The producers step this song up. Here is a review of each Remix... The Chainsmokers Remix 5/5 - This is the first of the Remixes that I had heard. I had about turned the channel because I was not a fan of the Chainsmokers at all. "Kanye" was a bit weak and "#SELFIE" was awful. HOWEVER, I am really glad I did not change the channel. This remix is SUPRISINGLY wonderful. The melody really takes Rexha's vocals to a new level. Good job Chainsmokers. Quintino Remix 5/5 - This is another Remix that suprised me. With Quintno I never know what I'm going to get. I usually end up hating one part of the track but loving the other parts of it. With this remix I kind of feel the same way. The drop is kind of generic and takes a little bit away from the track. HOWEVER, I will not take stars away from the mix because the melody is stunning and really accents Rexha's vocals; maybe even more so then The Chainsmokers Remix. Also, the build is insane. Dawin Remix 4/5 - This is the first of three trap remixes on the EP. This one is probably my least favorite. It does the least in terms of how the musical production coincides with Rexha's vocals; and that is what I look at because it is Bebe who makes the track. Nevertheless, it is still a fun mix and can be implimented into an trap set. Felix Snow 5/5 - This is my favorite trap remix on the EP. It is more of a chill style of trap, but it really titivates Bebe's vocals. It's really kind of beautiful to listen to. Mad probs to Felix Snow. Jumpsmokers Remix 4/5 - This the final trap remix of the EP. It's more of a Hybrid Style of Trap. The song isn't 100% snare. What makes this song is the drop. Again, the music production doesn't add anything extra to the vocals, but the drop is pretty cool. Overall, I commend Warner Bros for releasing this EP; but more importantly signing Bebe Rexha. I can't wait to hear her debut album; it surely will be magnificent. For now, check out this EP; it is insanity!!!