Miracles - Two Steps From Hell


Two Steps From Hell

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2014-06-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 21
  • ℗ 2014 Two Steps from Hell

Miracles ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Miracles Two Steps From Hell 5:29 USD 0.99
Eria Two Steps From Hell 2:38 USD 0.99
Compass Two Steps From Hell 5:33 USD 0.99
Sun Gazer Two Steps From Hell 2:56 USD 0.99
Eyes Closing Two Steps From Hell 3:12 USD 0.99
Fountain of Life Two Steps From Hell 3:28 USD 0.99
Stay (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) Two Steps From Hell 3:22 USD 0.99
Men of Honor Two Steps From Hell 3:20 USD 0.99
My Freedom (feat. Merethe Solt Two Steps From Hell 3:55 USD 0.99
Perfect Love Two Steps From Hell 3:30 USD 0.99
Lux Aeterna Two Steps From Hell 3:26 USD 0.99
I Love You Forever Two Steps From Hell 4:00 USD 0.99
Color the Sky Two Steps From Hell 2:34 USD 0.99
Forever in My Dreams Two Steps From Hell 2:05 USD 0.99
Breath of Cold Air Two Steps From Hell 4:23 USD 0.99
Heart Two Steps From Hell 2:59 USD 0.99
Wind Queen Two Steps From Hell 2:06 USD 0.99
Northern Pastures Two Steps From Hell 2:10 USD 0.99
Science Two Steps From Hell 2:06 USD 0.99
Lost in Las Vegas Two Steps From Hell 10:14 USD Album Only
Compass (Bonus Track) [feat. M Two Steps From Hell 4:22 USD 0.99


  • New review

    By Tom 444666
    Been a fan of staff since 2010 and since it’s release this is still my fav album. My Freedom is my fav song.
  • Two Steps From Utopia

    By Seventh Nova
    It was only 5.99 for me here and it hurt me to pay only so little, with there having been so much perfection poured into what I feel is a timeless masterpiece. Listening to the samples here don’t do it justice at all. This album births beauty that will make the soul cry. It’s so full emotion! Beautifully Epic and Epically Beautiful!! Well done!!
  • EXCELLENT Music for Everyone

    By LWMagicalMystic
    As a "Lightworker", I'm always searching for new music that will provide me with the ability to blend music with many of my own personal photos. This superb playlist absolutely "falls in line" with some of the many Lightworker images found all over the internet. With my requested permission here (July 22, 2017), I would love to incorporate some of this music in with the images I have. This will allow me to further spread the word globally / universally in order to assist others that are beginning to "wake up" to the reality around them. Another individual stated that one should "Keep an Open Mind" while listening. Absolutely agree with that review. Thank You for this Excellent music. @LWMagicalMystic
  • best album from TSFH

    By Josiahmn
    My personal favorite! I don't care much for the other albums from TSFH. This has a nice balance of melodic softer melodies and the building pulsating epic sound that TSFH can have. I hope that TSFH put out another album like this.
  • Wow. Simply wow...

    By BeachBumChris
    I accidentally stumbled upon this album while searching for Lux Aeterna and all I can say is what a beautiful album this is. Some of the songs on here are just gorgeous. Two Steps From Hell just found themselves a new fan.
  • Great music

    By combateguy123
    Despite the awful previews, the music is all very enjoyable if you like any of the other Two Steps From Hell albums. Surprisingly good purchase
  • Beautiful

    By swimInLightning
    This album has some really beautiful tracks. It's worth getting the whole album.
  • I adore this album

    By crvp
    This album is a masterpiece. Each song transports you to a new world and fills you with a world of emotion. I listen to this album easily once a month and it inspires me every time. I can’t recommend this album enough. It’s perfect for working, running, driving or meditating. Actually, when do you NOT need beautiful music?
  • Wow..

    By Swallow54
    Quite a change from TSFH, but I love it.. Merethe Soltvedt has an awesome voice
  • Different but still awesome

    By Mr4and2
    TSFH is one of my favorites! This album is less epic but it's beautiful and soothing. I still love TSFH and there music! 5 Stars baby!