Destination: Earth - The Definitive Newcleus Recordings - Newcleus

Destination: Earth - The Definitive Newcleus Recordings


  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2005 Jam-On Productions

Destination: Earth - The Definitive Newcleus Recordings ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Destination: Earth (1999) Newcleus 7:32 USD 0.99
Why Newcleus 8:09 USD 0.99
Computer Age (Push the Button) Newcleus 6:27 USD 0.99
Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikk Newcleus 5:39 USD 0.99
Automan Newcleus 5:49 USD 0.99
Jam On It Newcleus 8:15 USD 0.99
Space Is the Place Newcleus 8:03 USD 0.99
Cyborg Dance Newcleus 5:28 USD 0.99
Teknology Newcleus 4:56 USD 0.99
Greedy Girls The Move 6:38 USD 0.99
Jam On This (Old School's Back Newcleus 4:09 USD 0.99
Jam On This Newcleus 5:49 USD 0.99


  • What Hip-Hop was and always will be!

    By BillCohron
    Congratulations to Jam-On Productions for remixing and releasing the extremly vital bit of hip-hop history. I grew up in Miami in the '70s and '80s, when people still didn't even know what hip-hop was or what the impact was going to be in the recording and music industry. Names like Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, MC ADE, Kurtis Blow, and Melle Mel were still heard only on the streets by kids who had caught a block party or street jam. 8-Bit samplers and drum machines like the now infamous Roland-808 "Kick Drum" ruled the recording studios and aspiring artists and groups handed out mix-tapes like business cards. The was when the music still about the music, and versatility and creativity reigned supreme! Destination: Earth manages to capture the spirit of the birth and adolescence of hip-hop. From the insanely popular "Jam On It", which was a staple of any '80s house party, to tracks like "Space is the Place" and "Jam On Revenge" with its comical "Alvin-ish" lyrics and pounding basslines, this is what '80s hip-hop was about. It was about feeling good and having fun. Even tracks like "Greedy Girls" can even have a message while still remaining upbeat and fun. (I find it amusing that "Greedy Girls" reminds me of "B-Girls" by Gucci Crew II, which also warns of high maintenance women...) This album is certainly a complement to any serious hip-hop or electronic beats enthusiast. If you don't have this in your collection, the you're absolutely missing out on some of the finest music in history.
  • Jam on it

    By DJ Mikey
    This was the jam back in the day.
  • Newcleus...still makin music!

    By Electro6938
    I love Newcleus, and they are still around making electro...I first Heard Jam on it in 86 or so and fell in love with Hip Hop/Electro. Newcleus would be classified more into the electro funk category than Old school Rap. Their heavy use of synths(some VERY good use of them I might add) and vocoders is the reason. Some of there songs(Im not a robot, cyborg dance and tecknology are pure electro tunes). If you like the Destination Earth song, check out the remix of it from an artists called: Sbassship. Better than the original! classic, VERY original music back in the 80s.
  • Newcleus is da Bomb

    By Mistaboogy444
    Old school electro, hip hop, and funk all on one CD, this is tha bomb record. This is the CD Newcleus themselves mastered and organized, so if you are down to find some funky Newcleus jams, look no further. This is the definitive collection.
  • TB-303

    By SquareShot97
    This is one of the best albums out there using the TB-303 from Roland. Love it!
  • Electro hip hop proof that hip hop and techno grew from each other

    By johnny78thunder
    I love this albulm because it describes a time when techno or electro funk/garage as it was called co-existed and even blended in the same early old school hip hop genre. This was before hip hop was obssessed with the gangster life and was about just good breakbeats. this albulm has plenty of them DJ's out there this is a find. automan and other classics were banging loud on boomboxes all over the NYC area on subways buses and on the streets during the summer of 1984. breakdancers were breaking to these very songs in the subways for $$ the mcs were rhyming over these beats in the parks. DJs like red alert, chuck chillout, and a young funkmaster flex were spinning these songs and experimenting with these beats. A new sound would come out of this electro funk early hip-hop fusion which sadly focused away from breaking and b-boying but instead was about the MC and not the DJ and his beats or the breakdancers. this was a great change. In one respect this new sound which was already being pioneered by Run DmC at the same time as Newcleus would usher in a golden age of hiphop from 1985-1989 or some say 1990. This style in which drum machines and heavy synthesizer electronic beats was in many ways pioneered by newcleus they led the way. We need groups like this today we have daftpunk and others but the mainstream hip hop community focuses mainly on the jay zs 50 cents the bling. enjoy fellow bboys thunder says peace
  • One of the best in this era.

    By Slove7733
    You cannot go wrong with this one!! Music like this just makes you remember whats good with the world!
  • Newcleus is da bomb!!!

    By Blackuhrican
    Newcleus is and was one of the best break dancin groups out there...or so my dad tells me. i dont need him to tell me otherwise anyway...anyone can see for themselves that they clearly are!! one of their most popular hits, Jam on it, is phenomenal. take a listen, and you'll be jammin' soon just like me & my dad!! mos' def 5 stars :)
  • Memories

    By Aone006
    Many people that claim to be fans of 80's classic hip/hop/funk genre can probably sing the lyrics to Rappers Delight, and who can't nowadays. But for real hardcore OG taggers,MC's,DJ's and breakdancers of the 80's this was the battle anthem. Besides Planet Rock and Clear this song seperated the real breakers from the posers on the cardboard. A must buy to relive those memories.
  • Hard Core Dance

    By 80's dance to entrance girl
    "Jam On It" a must if you danced in the eighties. A song I had completely forgotten about until I played the snipet. It was then that I was back on the dance floor, young and carefree. Love It.