Never Say Die! - Black Sabbath

Never Say Die!

Black Sabbath

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 1978-09-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9
  • ℗ 1978 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment, a Warner Music Group Company.

Never Say Die! ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Never Say Die Black Sabbath 3:49 USD 1.29
Johnny Blade Black Sabbath 6:27 USD 1.29
Junior's Eyes Black Sabbath 6:42 USD 1.29
A Hard Road Black Sabbath 6:04 USD 1.29
Shock Wave Black Sabbath 5:14 USD 1.29
Air Dance Black Sabbath 5:16 USD 1.29
Over to You Black Sabbath 5:23 USD 1.29
Breakout Black Sabbath 2:34 USD 1.29
Swinging the Chain Black Sabbath 4:04 USD 1.29


  • As good as anything else they put out

    By clasicrockfan
    I’ve always been baffled why critics are so negative. Some of Black Sabbath’s most creative music was on this album (both lyrically and musically).
  • Love this album

    By RockNRollStaaaa
    It’s certainly lighter and less serious than the classic first five or six Sabbath albums, but I still enjoy it a lot.
  • It really deserves a 2.5 rating

    By Darian80
    The only great songs off of this album is the title track, "Junior's Eyes" and "Air Dance", other than these three songs I'm not a big fan of this album, sadly this is the last studio album featuring the original lineup.
  • Excellent album

    By Deepstops
    In my opinion, some of the most artistic metal music ever made. Junior’s Eyes and Swinging the Chain are my faves on this album
  • Do I need to say much?

    By LordOfTheElements
    Come on it is Black Sabbath! There is no reason to give it below five stars!
  • Interesting evolution

    By Bax*
    Although I enjoy the album to a certain extent, it’s a far cry from the Sabbath of earlier years. It’s a good addition to any collection but likely won’t see much play time compared to other Sabbath albums. There are some interesting sounds that I never envisioned them incorporating (synth) but it feels like they were trying to stay relevant as opposed to doing it for the love of the music.
  • Better than you've been told

    By DrVictorVonDoom
    I avoided this album for years but once I picked it up, I couldn't stop listening! It's heavy but with a different approach than the previous albums and it's refreshing after listening to paranoid, war pigs ect. over and over again.
  • Ouch!

    By Creeder133
    Thin production and the best song is a rip-off of Thin Lizzy's "Boys are Back." Save your money.
  • Ozzy's last stand.

    By Reckia6
    The first half of this is very good and starts off with it's best and most energetic song with the title track. Things then get a little weird with the bizarre synthesizer intro on Johnny Blade. The song improves greatly when the drums and then the guitar make their entrance. Ozzy sounds great on these first two songs, much better than he did on Technical Ecstasy. Indeed, Ozzy's heartfelt and emotional singing elevates even some of the lesser songs on the second half like Air Dance and Over To You. However, the album ends on an awful note with jazzy instrumental Breakout and the horrible Swinging The Chain. Supposedly, that's Bill Ward on vocals (though I think it's actually Dave Walker) and lyrically and vocally sounds nothing like Black Sabbath. And that is not Ozzy on harmonica. Iommi's guitar sounds like crap and Bill Ward's drums are perhaps too loud in the mix, though Ozzy's vocals are also prominent in the mix and deservedly so. It is no wonder he became a star after leaving Sabbath. Anyway, definitely worth having for side one and Ozzy's singing.
  • Excellent

    By Sound Chaser9
    It inexactly what trueSabbath fans want. Trust me. Try it.