My Brother Thinks He's a Banana and Other Provocative Songs for Children - Barry Louis Polisar

My Brother Thinks He's a Banana and Other Provocative Songs for Children

Barry Louis Polisar

  • Genre: Children's Music
  • Release Date: 2003-03-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ 1977 Rainbow Morning Music

My Brother Thinks He's a Banana and Other Provocative Songs for Children ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
When the House Is Dark and Qui Barry Louis Polisar 3:07
The Skatter Brak Flath Who Liv Barry Louis Polisar 2:10
One Day My Best Friend Barbara Barry Louis Polisar 2:22
My Brother Thinks He's a Banan Barry Louis Polisar 1:55
Barnyard Stomp Barry Louis Polisar 1:51
Our Dog Bernard Barry Louis Polisar 3:36
My Name Is Hiram Lipshlitz Barry Louis Polisar 0:08
Tomorrow Barry Louis Polisar 2:29
All I Want Is You Barry Louis Polisar 2:56
My Brother Threw Up On My Stuf Barry Louis Polisar 2:40
For My Sister, Wherever I May Barry Louis Polisar 4:00
My Mommy Drives a Dump Truck Barry Louis Polisar 1:53
Talking I've Got a Teacher and Barry Louis Polisar 2:06
I've Got a Dog and My Dog's Na Barry Louis Polisar 1:29
But I'm Just Thirteen Barry Louis Polisar 2:54
I've Got a Little Sister Barry Louis Polisar 2:54
The Apple of My Eye Barry Louis Polisar 3:03


  • Wow

    By DamonOberdorf
    This guy is like the Adam Sandler of the 70's. This album is amazing and hilarious.
  • Delicious music.

    By ReesesHoliday
    His lyrics are so hilarious. It's very imagenative, great for the whole family.
  • Funny Stuff!

    By emrox77
    I heard All I Want Is You in the movie Juno, so I bought it. I was listening to some of the other songs, and they seemed so cute! I'm 14, and I would definitely listen to this. I wish my mom bought this when I was little, because I would've loved it!
  • Beyond "Juno" -- Several Great Songs for Kids!!!

    By msrdda
    Ohmigod, I couldn't believe when this song played the opening credits of that movie. It's one of the ony "straight" songs on this album, and no where near the best. I had the LP as a little kid in Baltimore, and my favorites were "When the House is Dark and Quiet," "One Day My Best Friend Barbara..." (You and your kids will be singing along together on this one), "Tomorrow," "My Brother Threw Up...," "I've Got a Dog and My Dog's Name is Cat," and "The Apple of My Eye." As I once read about him, he almost always writes songs from the KID's point of view. Lots of mischievious fun in here. No need to download more than these on this album unless the titles really appeal to you.
  • From the Movie Juno

    By cat625
    "All I want is you" is the only half-way-decent song on the album
  • not just for kids

    By scmyers
    this is good music for anybody. "all i want is you" is the main song in the movie Juno. this stuff is real. you should listen to it.
  • great for kids

    By ive got a lil sister!!
    this album is great for kids who like to have ufn. i especially like the song "I've Got a Little Sister"