Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition) - Depeche Mode

Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)

Depeche Mode

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2013-03-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18
  • ℗ 2013 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Welcome to My World Depeche Mode 4:55
Angel Depeche Mode 3:57
Heaven Depeche Mode 4:05
Secret to the End Depeche Mode 5:12
My Little Universe Depeche Mode 4:24
Slow Depeche Mode 3:45
Broken Depeche Mode 3:58
The Child Inside Depeche Mode 4:16
Soft Touch / Raw Nerve Depeche Mode 3:27
Should Be Higher Depeche Mode 5:04
Alone Depeche Mode 4:29
Soothe My Soul Depeche Mode 5:22
Goodbye Depeche Mode 5:04
Long Time Lie Depeche Mode 4:22
Happens All the Time Depeche Mode 4:20
Always Depeche Mode 5:07
All That's Mine Depeche Mode 3:24


  • This pales in comparison

    By Redgrrrl
    I’m sorry but this album isn’t as good as any of their older stuff. Can’t listen to it.
  • An odd album that plays to their weaknesses

    By Angry Black Man
    It seems that DM can't put out a consistant album since Wilder's exit. This one sounds like someone got a copy of Reason and used some stock sounds and gutless drums and hit "randomize", because all we end up with is an album that is 90% downtempo dirges and minimalistic navel-gaze with a weird fixation on waltezes and 3/4 time. This album is copious boredom that has nothing to do with Violator or SoFaD. If you want just simple baground tunes to blend into the background like aural wallpaper, this could work I suppose.
  • Missing Digitial Booklet in iTunes

    By nguyenresearch
    iTunes LP Bonus Content -- 28 page Digital Booklet missing in download. Please Fix.
  • Like Songs of Faith and Devotion Part 2

    By SatsippiusIII
    I really don’t understand people that STILL to this day complain about the direction Depeche Mode took with their music. It’s been 30 years, get over it. Is this their best? Nope, but frankly, “best” is a subjective idea for music. My personal favorite is the album in the review title, so yeah, I like this one. There are some missteps on the album, like the fairly weak “Always,” but again, I’ve never cared for other songs in that style like “Barrel of a Gun.” Imo it’s one of the stronger releases they’ve had in recent memory. The production value on the album tracks are also quite clean. If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, then you should enjoy it.
  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • Possibly thier Worst, but Still Signs of Greatness

    By Mr. Drinks
    This might be their weakest album....well, ever. "A Broken Frame"is probably worse, but there are nostalgic reasons to listen to get that early 80s synth goodness. This album starts off strong. "Welcome to My World" has a nice build to it and classic Depeche sexiness. "Angel" is solid, and "Heaven" is a great ballad. It probably would be even better if Martin sang lead on it. The rest of it feels like the same miss-mash that Sounds of the Universe had. Some interesting ideas and sounds, but nothing that adds up to a great song. And the production value seems pretty thin, even though Ben Hillier is on board again. They probably felt that the effects of Alan Wilder’s absence would diminish over time, but on the contrary…each album merely intensifies the creative void that he left. It’s a testament to him that even with some of the best producers in music working with them, they still cannot duplicate the sound that he created. It’s unfair to expect them to write another Music for the Masses or Violator. Those were part of the zeitgeist back then and they in many ways aren’t the same people they were back then, and neither are we. But I’m very happy that they continually put out quality music and are still as relevant as ever.
  • Evolving

    By Beachbum1994
    I discovered DM when Music for the Masses was first released, and I have been a fan since. My first DM concert was the Spectrum in Philly. Many reviews yearn for a return to that era of DM, maybe because of nostalgia. The thing is, if you compare their early works to now, you can see a progression (or regression for some fans), and how Vince Clark influenced their early works with pop-synth upbeat sounds, and after his departure the intro of Alan Wilder. Clearly we could hear Alan’s influence and how synth-pop sound was becoming more moody and layered. In my opinion, it was Alan Wilder’s influence that gave Depeche Mode their quintessential style. I believe Alan left the band because Martin and others wanted to take their style in a different direction, a more Rock sound and less synth. Well, I don’t see them returning to that paradigm - maybe if Alan Wilder were to collaborate on some music we might see it again. This much is true, DM has continued to evolve their style since there inception. If you yearn to return to the glory days of MFTM or Violator, I think you will be disappointed. Otherwise, when listening to this or any of DM’s new releases, put your headphones on and enjoy the ride. Where will they take us next? Also, looking forward to the day they are inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame - can’t believe they haven’t yet.
  • Melody?

    By Kueso51
    I have enjoyed so many albums, probably over 60 songs by Depeche Mode, but this record just doesn’t excite me. The opening track is great - after that it’s boring and lacks melody and contrast. But it’s not David’s fault. I wish they would make a dark pop album - just one more! Please.
  • Not the Best Depeche Mode Album

    By T.M.H (Total Music Head)
    I really wanted to think this is the greatest album they've ever released, but I've listened to it over and over again, but honestly... it's weak. Now saying it's weak doesn't make it horrible or bad. I think the music on this album is boring, and it doesn't feel exciting enough. And while songs like "Heaven" and "Broken" caught my attention for this album, the rest of the songs are pretty forgettable, but this album will sastify the true Depeche Mode fans like me. 'Delta Machine' isn't a bad album, but it's definitely not their best.
  • Their Best Sounding Album Since Violator & SOFAD

    By 1dionysus
    If you treasure the Depeche sound of the late '80's through early '90's, you will most likely enjoy Delta Machine. DM have managed to encapsulate much of the sound and energy that made those albums so important to electronic synth-pop. It's impressive how fresh Violator, and SOFAD still sound. DM were generally way ahead of the curve during that time, and on Delta Machine they've managed to make an album that fits handsomely alongside those albums and still manages to offer some new ideas that expand on the DM template. The way "Welcome To My World" begins and goes into the string section is an example of this along with how "Angel" goes into the most aggressive 3/4 meter drumming sound found in perhaps any song. While many didn't fully appreciate "Heaven" as an intro single, it is a wonderful song when heard in the natural album sequence. This song is interesting for many things, but most so because it manages to sound a lot like the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles - without sounding anything like The Beatles. "Heaven" also has strains of Portishead in the drums, but all the while the band manage to sound like SOFAD / Condemnation-era Depeche Mode. "Secret To The End" has a great sounding synth and guitar jam that sounds organic in its playing instead of being purely sequenced and quantized. I've never heard DM sound this confident in their ability to sound live. "Should Be Higher" is another album highlight that pushes DM into new territory. Dave Gahan pushes his vocal range unexpectedly and at first listen it's a bit of a shock that he's singing that high. After repeated playing his vocals sound really on point here, and it becomes evident that it's Gahan's singing that not only carries some of the albums strongest and weakest moments, it's also evident that he keeps getting better at interpreting the deeper emotions within the songs. Gahan has never sounded more urgent and invested in the message of the songs themselves as he does on Delta Machine. As for the overall sound, Delta Machine puts the synths upfront where they should be but utilizes some wonderful Blues guitar playing by chief songwriter Martin Gore. Again, this album is very confident sounding and Gore has never sounded better on guitar during the Blues and more Rock oriented sections of the songs. This albums strength is largely due to the fact that it sounds looser as if mostly played live without being overly quantized. Also, it should be mandatory that the sound engineer named Flood, mix all their albums. He just knows how to always make DM sound their best! Where Depeche Mode might be criticized is that despite sounding fantastic, the album succeeds almost too much at repeating what made Violator and SOFAD landmark albums for the band. During that time, Depeche's sound was very unique and ahead of really any music in pop or alternative and synth-pop in terms of its sound palate. In 2013, DM sounds fresh, current and urgent, but while still ahead of many, there's a lot of other great music that listeners have knowledge of that's forward thinking and futuristic sounding. Still, no one quite manages to sound like Depeche Mode while nearly all have tried at one point or another. While I'd like DM to take more chances, I can't really argue with the fact that they've managed to recapture the sounds and energy of what made them great during the height of their popularity. This is the best sounding DM album in a very long time.