Now: A Celebratory 50th Anniversary Album - Dionne Warwick

Now: A Celebratory 50th Anniversary Album

Dionne Warwick

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-11-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2012 H&I Music Productions. Under exclusive license to Blue Horizon Ventures, LLC.

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Now: A Celebratory 50th Anniversary Album ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
(There's) Always Something The Dionne Warwick 3:22 USD 0.99
Are You There (With Another Gi Dionne Warwick 3:12 USD 0.99
Don't Make Me Over Dionne Warwick 3:44 USD 0.99
Love Is Still the Answer Dionne Warwick 4:00 USD 0.99
99 Miles from LA Dionne Warwick 3:57 USD 0.99
Be Aware Dionne Warwick 4:17 USD 0.99
Reach Out Dionne Warwick 3:01 USD 0.99
Is There Anybody Out There? Dionne Warwick 4:22 USD 0.99
I Just Have to Breathe Dionne Warwick 3:57 USD 0.99
It Was Almost Like a Song Dionne Warwick 3:41 USD 0.99
Make It Easy On Yourself Dionne Warwick 4:19 USD 0.99
I Say a Little Prayer Dionne Warwick 4:23 USD 0.99


  • Another Set Of Re-Recordings

    By a song 4u
    Phil Ramone is one hell of a producer. That said why on earth would he produce another set of re-recordings from Dionne's vast catalog. After 50 plus years in the industry you know what is really needed? A magnificent set of original recordings remastered chronicling her entire career. Who's with me?? I mean, all the labels Dionne had been associated should out of respect for this talented woman agree to a cross licensed volume of her vast catalog and with the remastering skills and technology associated with audio restoration for once and for all time assemble her finest work and to make it interesting let her record a new song or two. Say what you will about her legendary ego Dionne deserves artistic respect and recognition.
  • Still effects me deeply

    By Jeff/NJ
    I got Dionne's latest release for Christmas and I have been playing it everyday since. This is a wonderful follow up to last years Only Trust Your Heart. Dionne you still stir my heart and lift my spirits with your amazing gift of making me feel the beauty of a song and its lyric. There are no contemporary female vocalists who have this ability. You're doing it for 50 years now and still at the height of your powers. I just bought my ticket to see you live in NJ in March and I can't wait. Anyone considering getting Now please do you won't be disappointed. My favorite track and the most gorgeous is "Be Aware" a new classic! Thank you for sharing your gift of singing with us still and I look forward to many more.
  • Dionne ~~~ A true "Gift" to the world

    By AudiTT2005
    Dionne ~~~ My devooted friend and admirer~~~ You continue to deeply implact the world with faith, wisdom & love without judgement. I am forever grateful for you in your passionate faith.........when I often wanted to call it quites in ending my life. You are such are an true INPIRATION around the world. If you EVER need an ED/Trauma/Pre-Hosptal there are at your side 24/7 ~~~~~ I will be there to support you & your friends & family always!!!! I sending you much love, faith, & blessings always. My best ~~ Heidi Hedrington, RN, BSN, TNS, PHRN

    By SolomonMorris7
    I can't listen to this mess at all. Her voice is ravaged from all the years of being a heavy smoker. I would rather remember her listening to her older recordings than this mess.
  • True Fan continued

    By Fred Jemal
    I recently gave Dionne's latest 4 stars based on listening to samples of all 12 songs. Now, after purchasing it I had the chance to enjoy it completely. So I upgraded it to a 5. Her voice held up so much better than some other reviewers have mentioned. The arrangements and song choices are all wonderful. I even love the 4 new tracks. The 2 rare songs from her excellent 1972 album Dionne are fantastic remakes. The remaining 6 are classic cuts from more popular albums. Her talented son who duets with Dionne on the final track, Say A Little Prayer is very well done. I know must of you reading this already own her popular compilations. Do yourself a favor and seek out her original albums. Here is a list of what I recommend : Presenting Dionne Anyone Who Had A Heart Make Way for Dionne Sensitive Sound Dionne Here I Am Here Where There Is Love On Stage and in the Movies Windows Of The World Valley Of The Dolls Promises Promises Soulful Plus I'll Never Fall In Love Again Very Dionne (includes amazing live material near her vocal peak) Dionne 1972 (most underrated album of her career) Just Being Myself Then Came You Track Of The Cat Love At First Sight Dionne (1979) After her 1979 album there are many Greatest hits compilations that cover her best from the 80s until more recent years. Enjoy!!
  • Dionne is still a classic!

    By dfreshca
    I have loved Dionne since I was a child, and even though her voice has deepened, I think she has done an amazing job on this retrospect of her career. I especially enjoy her re-working of her first hit, "Don't Make Me Over." I think it is definitely worth a listen and to any die hard Dionne fan or even a novice. Kudos Dionne! You will always hold a special place in my music collection.
  • Sad, but no...

    By Jaime Mc
    I am a consummate fan, and when I saw that she had a new project coming out, I nearly pre-ordered it. I'm glad I didn't. I cut my teeth on Bacharach's syncopated melodies, and I have always thought Ms. Warwick a genius, but I'd rather continue playing her old stuff than cloud my palate with the new. I expected her to have matured, but what this recording seems to me is a half-baked attempt at pulling the nostalgic strings without giving us any real effort. The arrangements are lazy. The vocals make me wonder if she even sang along or recorded them separately. It's worse than karaoke...and I so wanted it to be great!
  • What's It All About, Dionne?

    By Jimmy McCully
    To say that I'm a fan is an understatement. I'm about 20 years younger than she is so she started her music career practically the year I was born. I wish this CD could have had more fanfare and been longer. I've heard her in concert years ago with Burt Bacharach and she was wonderful. I have seen her concert in Chicago singing a medley of her hits, many of them written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and she got more than one standing ovation and deserved them. I heard her last year at the NC State Fair and though she sings much lower, she still managed to wow the crowd and got more than one standing ovation for some of her signature songs like Alfie, I'll Never Love This Way Again, and others along with her talented son This brings us to this CD. Though smoking has taken it's toll on her voice, and she won't admit that, she still is very musical and since she is over 70, she has had many experiences in her life, she probably has a better understannding of the songs than when she was just starting out.. I like that she was able to get a few new songs on this CD written by Burt and the late, Hal David. I don't know that any will be a hit. I wish they would. I think her peak vocal abilities were in the eighties. Because time and smoke has made its mark, Dionne sings much lower and her higher register is gone, the songs suffer. This is not a bad album and though I've only heard snippets, I will buy it. I know that her lifetime fans will purchase it as well. However, I don't think that she will win any new fans unless they love the melodies and look back and listen to her earlier recordings. She is still touring the world with her very talented son and he makes an appearance on I Say a Little Prayer, as he did in concert. No doubt then when she is gone, she will leave the world with her great music. I hope that she and Burt get a Kennedy Center Honor before it's too late. Hal David and Burt and her should have gotten honors years ago. I agree with the other reviewer of this CD except to correct him and say that Whitney was not her niece, she was her cousin, but yes, maybe she could have done a duet, a la Natalie Cole/Nat King Cole style.
  • Not Bad!

    By Hilty1
    So I've been a fan of Dionne's for a LONG time and think she is fabulous. Given that she is over 70 years old and still recording is impressive in itself and OF COURSE her voice is lower and not as clear and sweet as it was in 1967, but that's ok. I also like that the arrangements of the familiar songs are just different enough to not sound like a tired cover. And some songs we are not familiar with sound good too. To honor her niece (Whitney) would have been nice to cover one of her songs. Is this destined to be a classic CD, no, but not bad Dionne, you're still doing what you love to do after 50 years!! Hope I can say when I reach 71