Emotional Traffic - Tim McGraw

Emotional Traffic

Tim McGraw

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2012-01-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ (p) 2012 Curb Records, Inc.

Emotional Traffic ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Halo Tim McGraw 4:57
Right Back Atcha Babe Tim McGraw 4:51
One Part, Two Part Tim McGraw 3:31
I Will Not Fall Down Tim McGraw 4:35
The One Tim McGraw 3:52
Better Than I Used to Be Tim McGraw 3:21
Touchdown Jesus Tim McGraw 4:04
The One That Got Away Tim McGraw 4:44
Felt Good On My Lips Tim McGraw 4:37
Hey Now Tim McGraw 4:15
Only Human Tim McGraw 3:52
Die By My Own Hand Tim McGraw 5:07


  • My favorite Tim McGraw CD

    By afvet89
    This one is my favorite CD from Tim McGraw. Every song is really good. I am not a country music fan but I do like Tim McGraw. It's CDs like this that make me like some country music.
  • Love it

    By Brittany Paggeot
    Tim has always been my favorite country singer all time he still is and this is most deff one of my faves i still think he gots it
  • Oops...

    By Shahboygan
    Was this an accident? This album is terrible. With the exception of "Felt Good On My Lips", which is pretty catchy…I couldn't bring myself to get through 15 seconds of any other track. Tim, you're cool man, but need to pick it up a bit. Throw in a couple sappy cuts for the ladies and make the rest of your album rock…not the other way around. Hopefully you can bounce back. Was at the USS Midway show this week and your voice wasn't all that powerful. You had four guitarists doing the job of two good ones. Revamp, regroup and give us something worthy.
  • Not even a Tim McGraw fan

    By Ravens_fan20
    I use to like Tim a long time ago, but for some reason I haven't been a fan of his. I haven't really liked a song of his except "angry all the time" & "Live like you were dying". That is until this song, first time I heard it, I instantly felt connected to the song, almost as if he was singing about me. I live this song, in my opinion, it's one of his greatest.
  • Better than i use to be

    By Toot -Toot 83
    If anyone has ever made a mistake in life they would understand the song Better than I used to be. I love it! Everyone should always try to be better every day... That song is honest and about something real... Learning from ur mistakes is the best part of messing up and this song tells it all....
  • Tim Mcgraw

    By Connie130
    Tim McGraw has dropped alot since he started doing more of the pop. He needs to go back to Lousianna and get someinspiration back
  • What happened?

    By GinaBoo6669
    Ok I like tim mcgraw but that sounds nothing like him except for better than i used to be and felt good on my lips. I mean come on where did his accent go and he is like enunciating every word like he aint even from lousiana..... i think when taylor wrote tim mcgraw she put him on her bandwagon on the pop route. Her and tim need to have a come to jesus meeting and find they're country roots again. Because if it hadn't been for the country fan base they would be nothing.
  • One part, two part

    By Marty324
    I love this song. I just wish the radio would start playing it.
  • I miss Tim McGraw

    By Tamlynn377
    Yuck. The songs that have already been released, "Felt Good On My Lips," and "Better Than I Used to Be," are great, but the rest of this album is unrecognizable as Tim McGraw. They turn far away from his country music roots and just don't fit.
  • This album is awesome!!

    By KT22607
    Tim has done a great job of showing his versatility. Not the same sound of old country or new country. I'm a true Tim fan so can't say I would ever dislike anything he sings:)