The Final Charge - Single - Hans Zimmer

The Final Charge - Single

Hans Zimmer

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2003-12-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1
  • ℗ 2003 Warner Sunset Records. All rights reserved.

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The Final Charge - Single ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
The Final Charge (Exclusive No The Last Samurai 4:39 USD 1.29


  • Good song, but not really worth it.

    By soundtrack_dude
    Ok, I thought this was another great Hans Zimmer track, but I'm not sure it is really worth it because over half the music on the track is already in the movie soundtrack itself. Not sure if my $1 investment was really smart or not. Good track nevertheless.
  • Amazing Song

    By lotusflower01
    This is great!! On a previous comment I wrote, I had mistakenly said it was composed by John Williams... sorry for that.... I have way too many of his songs on my iPod. Anyways, this is a great song like I had said before. The last 25 seconds are my favorite part... ENJOY!
  • His best work yet!

    By Katsumoto'
    This is by far some of Hanz Zimmer's best work yet! Even compared to his "Gladiator" soundtrack this outbeats it. This really captures the sounds and feel from the movie, and I thank you itunes for putting this on.
  • why

    By samtheman12
    This is just a section from the way of the sword song from the album. Just buy the album this was a waste of money. still a good song though

    By earthkids
    read the title, buy the song, and be happy. :)
  • Charge!!!

    By Carrie Lynn is smiling again <3
    I LOVE this song! It makes for a great piece to run to while on the treadmill. I agree with the others about the "added" piece being my favorite part. My legs may want to give out, but this music pushes me through my cramps and my workout. This song is best played LOUD and in stereo. Too bad I cant get it piped into my gym. This song lets me run with my head held high; like the samurai warriors. They were fighters who never gave up and their powerful message of pride, bravery, and honor are felt full force in Hans Zimmer's awesome piece of music. Too bad the "added" piece isnt longer! But that is what "rewind" is for! Definitely one of my 25 most played tunes!
  • I never skip this song on my ipod

    By Silvr Samurai
    Whenever I shuffle my songs on my mini and this songs starts I never skip it. My favorite flow of music comes in at 2:19 mins. The drums that play get you in the mood perfectly for the huge emotional and glamourous notes and sounds. It's a very heightening feeling, and this coming from a few seconds of music. I guess you'll just have to purchase this to hear it because the preview doesn't play through the sequence, and believe me this is well worth the purchase. In fact, it's so good it just made me write my first ever review on iTunes.
  • Not Entirely non-Album

    By Spightre
    This is absolutely amazing music, but the description is slightly misleading. What you actually get is the first two and a half minutes of "The Way of the Sword," with two extra minutes of buildup added in the middle, as it is in the film. The result is even better than any of the tracks on the album itself, so if you're looking to buy one track from the movie, get this one. If you already have the album, this track is probably still worth buying; the two extra minutes make the whole piece much stronger. Just don't expect all-new material.
  • Really Cool

    By mfggomez2
    It is "The Way of the sword" but from the film. It is so cool! Hans is the MAN!!!
  • waw's very hard to come across a amazing song like this

    By auquabat0
    well the preview is o.k. but i mean i have listen to this song like 50 times it's still amazing..if it help just think of how talented you would have to be to write something like this. hans zimmer is a brilliant man and no one can come close to write like him. so if you havent got the album first than i would recomend getting that first,and before that see the movie and than listen to the songs it will help you understand why the parts are so powerfull like if a guy dies in the movie the song is slow and yeah i would highly recoment this and all the other albums of Han Zimmer.Hes a brilliant man when it comes to music.I respect him and you should to.thats it folks and have a crazy day(while listening to this song) =)