Last Look at Eden - Europe

Last Look at Eden


  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-09-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2009 Europe

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Last Look at Eden ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Prelude Europe 0:52 USD 0.99
Last Look At Eden (Album Edit) Europe 3:55 USD 0.99
Gonna Get Ready Europe 3:35 USD 0.99
Catch That Plane Europe 4:46 USD 0.99
New Love In Town Europe 3:33 USD 0.99
The Beast Europe 3:23 USD 0.99
Mojito Girl Europe 3:44 USD 0.99
No Stone Unturned Europe 4:48 USD 0.99
Only Young Twice Europe 3:51 USD 0.99
U Devil U Europe 4:10 USD 0.99
Run With the Angels Europe 4:03 USD 0.99
In My Time Europe 6:15 USD 0.99


  • Wonderful work !!!!

    By Ozzyluis
    Good job , sound guitar and joey voice!!!
  • Excellent - the have reinvented themselves quite well!

    By pelican2020
    This is an excellent album. I have not been disappointed with their rebirth, at all. Their old stuff is still great, but this (and Start from the Dark, and Secret Society) offer something new from one of the most underrated bands out there. PLEASE release the NEW album on iTunes, for ALL EUROPE FANS. It is even better than this one.

    By 80'srockfan
    Very well done! This is better than Final Countdown!!
  • give it up for these guys....

    By LA Times
    First off, for a band that took SO much criticism & laughs over the years (hell, I'll admit - I was one of them myself unfortuntely).............but I must admit - I SINCERELY apologize now. I really do. These guys really do deserve far, FAR more credit then they get. This is absolutely one hell of a great album by all means, and not to mention ALL 5 of these guys (and STILL playing with the original line-up after all of these years no less - impressive) are simply INCREDIBLE musicians - bar none. They kind of remind you in the similar likes of 'Hall & Oates' in the same sense that they took a lot of 'crap' in their heyday - yet, always produced VERY credible songs in their 'heyday' (AND in later life) were and STILL are today regarded as superior songwriters. The exact same thing goes for 'Europe'. You can 'breakdown' SO many of their songs, and not only do they still hold-up & stand the test of time - but the overall 'songwriting skills' of these guys is absolutely stunning. And for any of those that ever 'complained' about Europe not being 'heavy' enough, or 'weak sounding' - simply listen to either this album or even their previous one and you'll definitely have second thoughts about that. Not only are they 'heavy' sounding, but more importantly, the actual 'grooves' their incorporating into their songs now, sound a good bit better than pretty much 'anything' Jimmy Page, Coverdale, or any other of the 'classic bands' (that were so highly praised for their timeless 'grooves' back then) are producing 'now', today. Bottom line: Europe has definitely stood the test of time, their songwriting skills have done nothing but vastly improved over the years, and again - as much 'laughter' & 'joking' that has been cast in their direction over the past couple of decades now..........well, it certainly looks like Europe will definitely have the 'last laugh' after all :) You can easily tell now that Europe is well on their way to becoming one of those bands who though they may not have been as much appreciated in their earlier years as great songwriters yet (even with their slew of 'hits' they already had) - will by all means become one of those bands (probably in the next 10-15 years) that will receive nothing short of high recognition & strong credibility for their vast catalog of exemplary songs & a very prolific career. Good for you guys. Keep up the great work, stick to your guns, and hopefully we'll continue to hear more great records from you for many years to come now. (definitely should be strong contenders for the Hall of Fame - no doubt.)
  • Great return to their hard rock style

    By Pauly Ct
    This album should have followed Start From The Dark. SFTD was their best album but then they fell a little short with Secret Society. I so glad they went back to the hard rock style that they had on SFTD. Great opening with the title track and there doesn't seem to be a weak song on here.
  • Europe

    By Superstitious1
    I've been a fan more than 25 years. Joey Tempest still sounds great at age 46, but if he had the same voice from age 26 this album would be perfect. Still, I think this is Europe's best ever work. Songs like "last look at eden", "no stone unturned", "new love in town" and "gonna get ready" are among their best ever. Right up there with hits like "the final countdown", "rock the night", "carrie" and "superstitious". These days the band is pushing up the guitars a lot more. This album is loaded with big hooks, catchy grooves, and majestic melodies. A great fusion of the Europe of old and the Europe of the modern day. This band just keeps getting better and better. Shame on USA record labels and concert promoters for ignoring this legendary band. They are doing quite well all over the world with Last Look At Eden.
  • Surprisingly nimble/strong album

    By nycmode75
    I was very pleasantly surprised by this record. I've been an Europe fan for 25 years and this album really captures a lot of the energy during their heyday of the 80's. It's no Final Countdown but I really enjoyed a lot of the songs on this disc. "Last Look at Eden" and "The Beast" are incredibly strong, and the guitar chops of the latter are pure John Norum on fire. "New Love in Town" is also a surprisingly tender song with a great hook that just grabs you. I'm so glad to see these guys rekindle their old fire. Definitely a great purchase for hard rock fans.
  • Great!!!

    By Angel Landron
  • Well done!!!

    By przemoes
    My expectations after Secret Society were very high. Would they be able to keep the level on the next LP? well... boys not only kept it but IMHO went higher. Every song is a fun to listen to. Joey's vocals are like a good wine - more tasty as time goes by. I really like this new reborn Europe.
  • Bout time!

    By Pearl Ring
    Just a little star booster for my neglected band.