5 Questions - The New Journey - Alexander O'Neal

5 Questions - The New Journey

Alexander O'Neal

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2010-07-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 2020 CC Entertainment

5 Questions - The New Journey ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
My House Alexander O'Neal 4:12
I'm Back Alexander O'Neal 2:46
Minnesota Shuffle Alexander O'Neal 3:53
I Found True Love Alexander O'Neal 4:59
I Can't Wait Alexander O'Neal 4:00
You Make Me Smile Alexander O'Neal 6:15
Love Don't Love Nobody Alexander O'Neal 4:25
It's Your Night Tonight Alexander O'Neal 4:10
Love Won't Let Me Wait Alexander O'Neal 5:49
5 Questions Alexander O'Neal 4:40
First Time Alexander O'Neal 3:15


  • 😳

    By Bamadea
    Not good at all, I gave one star just to send this. This gets -5 stars!
  • Below average...

    By BigJockdogg
    Not a good album. The beats aren't to bad but the singing is bad. Sorry man, it's the truth.
  • WTH???

    By LynxxAnonymous
    I can't believe this man would put out an album that sounds this bad! I have been a fan from the start but this sh&t is way to much crackish singin for my taste. It was bad when Whitney did it, then Cherelle did it, now he is gonna put the crack rock of cherries on top for all of us 80's old school fans. All I can say is retire Alex and let us remember you for what you achieved back then........I'd rather remember you for sunshine,a broken heart,fake,innocent,if you were here tonight........

    By Tira48
    Don't make me put lead in you, and spelling out your whole name? WOW! I was in high school listening to Alexander O'neil, he used to be a great singer and now he sounds so dated. He really DOES sound like he is singing with no teeth! Stay in Europe and perform Alex, hope you get yourself together. Will be buying his old music, PLEASE don't waste your money on this one! Only gave it one star because you can't rate any lower!
  • rotf

    By Najee Brown
    this is funniest thing i have ever heard.
  • Wow

    By TheBleuChipper
    Now he just sounds like a regular old man trying to sing. Not the same.. I'll stick to his earlier work.
  • Alex's "You're Gonna Miss Me" Single last great song 2002

    By big will robinsong
    Wow, the last great song I heard from Alex was his 2002 single entitled "You're Gonna Miss Me". It was released in London not sure if they released it in U.S., but it was his last great work...
  • Sad

    By Afroninga
    Ooo Wee this is bad. I just watched a TVOne program about Alex and Cherrelle. He talked about this album and how he not was but IS a great singer. I'm afraid it's like mirror mirror on the wall for Alex. He's hearing what he wants to hear and not what is really there. I'm going to hope this was just bad choices of direction and music and he'll come back with something that is up to par with the work he did in the past. From the sound of his voice now I'm not holding my breath but I am holding my cash. No sale.
  • What???

    By romigo
    this should've never been put out on the market...sometimes, artists need to know when they just need to stick with their older songs.
  • Alex O'Neal Lover !!!

    By Sweetthang325
    OMG!! What happened to my Alex?? I heard about his battle w/ drugs. The drugs has taken a toll on his looks and soulful voice. Sounds like he's completely exhausted and his tongue wouldn't cooperate. I felt so sad for him watching his performance on Way Black When. I can not buy this new CD !! If singing is his desire, I pray that he "comes back" to anything close to what he use to be. Still love you Alex!