Black Light (Deluxe Edition) - Groove Armada

Black Light (Deluxe Edition)

Groove Armada

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2010-03-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15
  • ℗ 2010 Om Records

Black Light (Deluxe Edition) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Warsaw (feat. Nick Littlemore Groove Armada 4:03 USD 0.99
History (feat. Will Young) Groove Armada 4:12 USD 0.99
Cards to Your Heart (feat. Nic Groove Armada 5:33 USD 0.99
I Won't Kneel (feat. SaintSavi Groove Armada 4:35 USD 0.99
Shameless (feat. Bryan Ferry) Groove Armada 4:47 USD 0.99
Look Me In the Eye Sister (fea Groove Armada 4:06 USD 0.99
Paper Romance (feat. Fenech So Groove Armada 6:18 USD 0.99
Time & Space (feat. SaintSavio Groove Armada 4:52 USD 0.99
Not Forgotten (feat. Nick Litt Groove Armada 5:33 USD 0.99
Fall Silent (feat. Nick Little Groove Armada 4:32 USD 0.99
Just for Tonight (feat. Jess L Groove Armada 4:05 USD 0.99
Time & Space (Bonus Disco Mix) Groove Armada 6:02 USD 0.99
Paper Romance (Classixx Versio Groove Armada 4:48 USD 0.99
I Won't Kneel (Treasure Finger Groove Armada 6:08 USD 0.99
I Won't Kneel (Treasure Finger Groove Armada 6:08 USD 0.99



    By fender420strat
    5years in and this album is still spectacular, new words need to be invented to describe it like no other record on the landscape, time and space is interplanetary spacial and paper romance is a trip hop EDM pop hit should be with smart lyrics not the sh.t thats out now this album should be part of everyones collection. Bow down!!!
  • Black Spark will make this song famous!

    By Scoutwest
    If this is where music is going.... Im hitchiking along.
  • new and exciting

    By poppydowns
    with one foot in the 80's and one foot in the new millenium, GA gives us the best album of 2010. i've shared this album with everyone i know and they've all loved it. looking forward to what comes next. i hope they continue to work with nick littlemore in the future!!!
  • I just don

    By lleppahc
    Sorry to all that love this album, I can understand it is great to some. What happened to sounds like Hello Country Goodbye Nightclub and Lovebox (the most incredible album ever)? I instantly bought soundboy rock because I'm a fan. After listening to it for a long time I can say I do like about half of the songs. But I previewed Black Light and just didn't get it. No offense, I'm still a fan I just don't get why their sound has changed completely.
  • You can keep your Lady GaGa. I'll take the original GA any day.

    By calimelissa
    A sweet love letter to the synth pop of the 80's, this album shimmers and sparkles with new depth every time I listen to it. "History", "Shameless" and "Paper Romance" are standouts. Turn down the lights, crank up the beats and feel the Groove.
  • Love the song History, but...

    By Peros2009 there something wrong with the quality of the download? Played it on different computers, iPods, etc. and always get that strange high-pitch background noice.
  • ....UTTER GARBAGE !!!!

    By Triptonik
    Who the Hell is Nick littlemore !!!!! Ive been a follower of GA for some years and they have definitely turned out some good tracks. But this! .... Absolute Dire !!!! if you like hookless, Beatless, Gutless tracks with an 80's style howl Vocal ..Go buy It !!! Full respect to Brian Ferry though ! As always.
  • Fresh Sexy Soul Groove

    By TheNickyNic
    Love it!
  • Already addicted

    By WorldOfSuck
    I'm not overly familiar with Groove Armada's body of work, but from what I've sampled this album seems like a bit of a departure for them. It's incredibly catchy, and extremely varied. There are almost as many singers as there are tracks. The album is sublimely 80s in tone and mood, but modernizes the style while zeroing in on the emotive and theatrical hooks that made that decade's pop music so iconic. There are some really hard-driving, powerful melodies here (Look My In The Eye Sister is an early favorite), and some remarkably gentle, downtempo pieces to marinate in. This is an extremely well-done, well-produced piece of electronic joy, and a near-perfect ode to a decade that, musically, wore its emotions on its sleeve. It's a keeper.
  • Groove Armada is Unique

    By Abreuza
    I love Groove Armada and they did it again. With a brand new style with downbeats they created new songs that are awsome. I think that everyone should listen to this cd, and Groove Armada fans should defenitely buy this album.