XOBC - EP - Brandi Carlile


Brandi Carlile

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2010-02-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5
  • ℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

XOBC - EP ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
All You Need Is Love Brandi Carlile 2:48
Love Songs Brandi Carlile 3:08
Way to You Brandi Carlile 3:11
Us Again Brandi Carlile 2:27
Heaven Brandi Carlile 3:29


  • Love!

    By Stretchengretchen
    Love Brandi no matter what she sings. Perfect beautiful voice <3
  • Boring

    By Fullabull
    Geez Bran, who talked you into this? Nothing like your old performances or your new. Way to take a song filled with emotion (Heaven) and sing it in the same spirit as Mary had a Little Lamb, like it bores the hell out of you. Pretty much every song is void of all the emotion and intensity you usually bring. I guess if the freaks are clamoring for "something/anything from Brandi" you throw em a bone but eesh, you can do so much better. You owe me a drink for buying this one.
  • Wow someone new

    By L.C.Burt
    Was searching another singer/songwriter and found Brandi Carlile. She is like a breath of fresh, clean air, like after a rain. I feel like I've found a wonderfully beautiful new sound,yet like something I have always heard. I only hope she keeps the music coming... ROCK ON!!!!!!!
  • Brandi Brandi Brandi!

    By XenaWP62679
    This EP is great! I love having more music from Brandi to listen to. I just saw her live about a week and a half ago at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. I have seen many female vocalists live but Brandi is by far the best I have ever seen! If you have the chance to see her live.....GO! Brandi, Tim, Phill, and Alison, you guys ROCK!
  • I'm late on this Re-Viewwer!

    crazy late on this one but if your looking for something smooth, sexy and great for you and your girl, well to make points with her get it sucker it works. Jokes aside it good stuff enjoy, FM
  • Amazing Live

    By Sydney6899
    This is a great compilation - love Brandi. I saw her live for the first time at the House of Blues in Orlando this weekend. BEST.CONCERT.EVER. I have seen so many great artists live over the years and prior to Brandi, it was a tough choice who was number 1 (PINK, Melissa Etheridge or Sarah McLachlan)... Brandi has them all beat! She was AMAZING! I came home and purchased everything she has available on iTunes.
  • Awwww!

    By Emmylou :)
    This is a really good EP. It's definitely cute and sweet, especially compared with some of Brandi's music, but I really like it! it's very fun and it cheers me up. I'm so happy they put this out. See Brandi and her band live when you get the chance. They put on a FANTASTIC live show! They're so amazing!
  • Can

    By babybrite
    This album is a complete waste of money. Yeah I like her voice. But cover songs? Like OMG. Can't she come up with something more original than this?
  • So, So Sweet

    By snipoppers16
    Less than six months from the release of her latest LP (Give Up The Ghost), Brandi Carlile has treated us all to a tremendous gem of an EP. For $3.99 you get 5 songs that are all completely worth it. Traditionally, Carlile's cover of classic songs are phenomenal tributes to the original and the covers on this album are no exception. The cover of the Bryan Adams power ballad, Heaven, made popular about 8 years ago by DJ Sammy, is simple and sweet, complemented perfectly by Carlile's signature vocals. Her cover of The Beatles' All You Need Is Love is unique to Carlile's musical stylings, but while staying true to the original. There are three original tracks on this album which are the real treat. The track Love Songs is characteristic of Brandi Carlile and the supplemental harmonies of the Hanseroth twins is the musical equivalent of a cherry on top. Us Again is a great faster paced track, the type of thing that you occasionally hear on Carlile's albums (Walking Through the Woods, Closer To You), but wish you had a little bit more of. Finally, the track Way To You is my personal favorite and have had it on repeat for the last two days. It's a great track with a mellow feel that hooks you with great lyrics and Carlile's signature vocals as well as catchy harmonies with the support of her band.

    By TheMusicProphet
    I'm pretty sure i'm in love w/Brandi Carlile .... This isn't obviously her best work .... but it's fun and cute.... a little lighter than her usual .... but most definitely a nice valentine's treat ;)