Last Night On Earth (Live In Tokyo) - EP - Green Day

Last Night On Earth (Live In Tokyo) - EP

Green Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-05-15
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6
  • ℗ 2009 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

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Last Night On Earth (Live In Tokyo) - EP ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
21st Century Breakdown (Live I Green Day 6:16 USD 1.29
Last of the American Girls (Li Green Day 3:54 USD 1.29
21 Guns (Live In Tokyo) Green Day 5:01 USD 1.29
American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria Green Day 3:33 USD 1.29
Basket Case (Live In Tokyo) Green Day 3:03 USD 1.29
Geek Stink Breath (Live In Tok Green Day 2:04 USD 1.29


  • LOVE IT!!!

    By Blakester150
    I love Green Day, infact they are the only good modern band. I as well thought that it was really weird that they did not put last night on earth in the album. That was weird! I am a classic rock fan and i will admitt Green Day is Freaking RAD!!!!!!

    By HurricaneDonald
    I've really enjoyed Green Day since first hearing "American Idiot" in 2005. I'd never heard a live version of "21st Century Breakdown" before Dec. 11, 2010, but when I did, it was TOTALLY AWESOME...
  • Re: "To Green Day's Fanbase:"

    By Muffins2464
    What makes Green Day's fanbase different from sports fanbase or any other large event? Have you seen Yankees and Mets fans in NY? If you did you would start ranting about them and leave Green Day alone, like you should! Green Day is awesome and no one needs a stuck up little brat to start a rampage on something that everyone loves because people are crazy. It's not iTunes fault! If you want to make this point, stick a sign on your forehead and walk out into Times Square. The internet is not the place for you. Get out of my head. You think that everyone who likes Green Day is a moron because you read 1 review with a few gramatical errors. I read that review, I did't see any, maybe YOU'RE the dumb one here..., I rest my case. People like you make me sick.
  • Green Day forever!!!!!!!!

    By MissMoney327
    This EP is a good combination of new songs and older Dookie- era songs. Plus, Green Day is amazing!!! They're my favorite band and I'm seeing them live in Denver for the second time!! Yay!!
  • Just a review according to me

    By Greendaylover07
    I think that this cd won't be as big as bullet in a bible. It does sound great because who doesn't love hearing a good band live but then again it's not just about the sound it's also about the message it sends. So even if it wasn't live it should get the same review. Still, Greenday rocks and always will!! Rock on Billy Joe!
  • Awsome EP

    By sunnyboy9595
    I love green days live albums. Sadly most of them are only available in other countrys. I have a copy of bowling bowling parking that i got in dubai wen i was there for the summer. But i dont get why this is called last night on earth EP when last night on earth isnt on it lol
  • Billie Joe

    By jakelionettivevoonyoutube
    Peoples Did yall know billie joe is 38 ?????????? He looks youger
  • "Emo wannabes"

    By Paraless
    It's hard to take those who criticize this EP - or band, for that matter - seriously. Why? Because near everyone of you can't form a complete sentence or show any form of conscious thought. I mean, emo? Seriously? You must not even know what that term means if you're pinning it to this band. From what I assume, it's you're interpretation of how they dress instead of a reflection on the music, and if you're criticizing a MUSICAL ARTIST for how they dress, then you shouldn't be allowed to listen to music in the first place because you have no idea what you're talking about. I guess I could call you an "emo wannabe" because you can't spell a grade school word correctly. As far as the EP itself, it's not the greatest compilation I've ever seen. It doesn't deserve 5 stars (more like 3, but any review that isn't a 5 or a 1 tend to get overlooked). I've heard and seen must better live performances of these songs and this EP just doesn't do those songs justice. The highlight of this compilation is Last of the American Girls.
  • OMG

    By Bert c
    I freaking love this album it is so good cause it's fast
  • Great live music

    By MOAB4U
    Green Day is one of my favorite bands and on top of that they have excellent live music i saw them in boston last summer and wow! they really are one of the best concerts i have ever seen.