What If We (Deluxe Edition) - Brandon Heath

What If We (Deluxe Edition)

Brandon Heath

  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2009-10-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2009 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainement

What If We (Deluxe Edition) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Give Me Your Eyes Brandon Heath 4:02
Wait and See Brandon Heath 3:46
Give Me Your Eyes Brandon Heath 3:52
Wait and See Brandon Heath 3:48
Trust You Brandon Heath 3:51
London Brandon Heath 3:33
Sunrise Brandon Heath 4:01
Sore Eyes Brandon Heath 3:35
Love Never Fails Brandon Heath 3:06
Listen Up Brandon Heath 3:21
Fight Another Day Brandon Heath 3:46
When I'm Alone Brandon Heath 3:19
No Not One Brandon Heath 3:57


  • Brandon Heath is AWSOME!!!!

    By billybobjoeyscmoe
    The song "London" is really great and it makes me cry :)
  • KenKen09897

    By KenKen:D
    wow the music is so powerful and moving. What he sings is truly amazing...
  • Give me your eyes

    By Cris sigh
    I love it becus it is the best. evert!!!!!!
  • The Son's Gonna Find You

    By prisonbreakPs146:7
    Once again Brandon Heath has constructed a God honoring symphony of spiritually challenging lyrics and beautiful, ingenuitive sounds. Brandon has stepped his music up to the next level. Beyond all the repitition in today's music, he has displayed his faith and creativity brightly. Give Me Your Eyes (5 star song): This track has an outstanding beat and an addicting flow. Heard this song in a store, glad to see Christian music being recognized as more than just religious. Hope to see more of this uprising. Wait and See (5 star song): A touching and encouraging song for believers in Christ. Trust You (4 star song): An eye-opening musical piece that pushes Christian listeners to pursue a better relationship with God. London (4.5 star song): A fun and catchy love song that has a melancholy happiness to it. Thankfully for the listener, Brandon avoided the pit of corny and "same old, same old" love songs. Sunrise (5 star song): Every time I listen to this, I rediscover how phenomenal the lyrics are. The message is spoken clearly and from the heart. Sore Eyes (4 star song): Nice drum beats, nice guitar, nice vocals. Nice song. Love Never Fails (4 star song): Acoustical and beautiful. A satisfying description of love. Listen Up (5 star song): Killer background vocals and an amazing chorus combine to make this a song you won't forget. It takes you on an emotional journey and yet keeps you down to earth. Fight Another Day (4.5 star song): An empowering anthem that makes you want to clap and stomp your feet. The pounding beat carries you through the song. Hopeful lyrics are also tied into this wonderful, musical experience. When I'm Alone (4.5 star song): An honest testament of loneliness in a style reminiscent of blues. This song convicts you to realize nobody's meant to be alone. No Not One (5 star song): A pure and inspired giving of the gospel message wrapped into a beautiful three minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Overview: So if you aren't big into reading long reviews then here it is plain and simple: An awesome, advanced album, musically, spiritually and lyrically. If you are a lover of music, a lover of God or both: buy this album!
  • Amazing

    By Comp68
    This album is nothing short of amazing. It's simply good music with meaning.
  • Amazing

    By X_windex
    I love all the songs Brandon Heath sing. They touch me sooo much, and I can (and have) literally listened to love never fails nonstop. I also love wait and see (was my 8th grade graduation song) and give me your eyes. I also love when I'm alone. I don't know what it is.. But these songs cut me deep. <3
  • Love never fails

    By x LoBEAST X
    This song is pretty insane awesome nuff said
  • "Give Me Your Eyes"

    By BarJabba
    This song said it for me. I am giving this and other favs to my children. Time is so close and I hope I can reach them. I haven't much contact for the last 16 years. Now that I am "foot on the edge of the grave" disabled, I am in a bit of a hurry. Music is the key to reach them. I hope it works! Try "Going Home", "Always With You", and "Do Not Stand at My Grave" by Libera. I will have these songs at my services. I am getting into iTunes and I hope I find more great spiritual songs. I sooo need them at this time. --BarJabba
  • love it

    By codytkester
    give me your eyes rulez
  • Wait and see

    By Mgc9291996
    My 6th grade math teacher would play his music on her iPod on an ihome and it got to where we could all sing the lyrics to his song. It's truly amazing what praising god can do on a stressful day. Brandon really captures his faith in God and expresses it amazingly well. Three thumbs up!