Deep Breakfast - Ray Lynch

Deep Breakfast

Ray Lynch

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2001-09-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8
  • ℗ 2001 Ray Lynch Productions

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Deep Breakfast ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Celestial Soda Pop Ray Lynch 4:42 USD 0.99
The Oh of Pleasure Ray Lynch 5:22 USD 0.99
Falling in the Garden Ray Lynch 2:47 USD 0.99
Your Feeling Shoulders Ray Lynch 7:34 USD 0.99
Rhythm in the Pews Ray Lynch 4:13 USD 0.99
Kathleen's Song Ray Lynch 4:10 USD 0.99
Pastorale Ray Lynch 5:31 USD 0.99
Tiny Geometries Ray Lynch 6:01 USD 0.99


  • Pure Ecstacy

    By Jesterguru
    As in, back in the day, before it was called “Molly,” if you had good tabs straight from the chemist, you could put on some Ray Lynch and really enjoy the pure ecstasy on a profound level. I guess I’m happy most people found it as children who weren’t high, though.
  • I have such good memories of the first two songs on this album

    By i have been nostalgia'd
    My teacher in 9th grade used to play this album while we were writing so that we could get more creative with what we wrote. The first song worked itself into my head so deeply that I went and bought it recently so that I could have it for myself. And soon, Oh of Pleasure tagged along as that song delivers such calming imagery to my mind and just oh goodness I love it!! Buy this album, even if you only have heard two songs on it or all of them! Also, these stories I see of people’s experiences with this album make me love it more!
  • Childhood memories

    By jthefer
    This cassette and Enya Shepherd Moons were my easy listening favorites when I was a kid. After putting on Enya today, I had to find and buy this album. Brings my calm so easily. Have to share it with my kids now.
  • Some Kind Of Genius

    By bcain9
    It’s obvious this guy is a genius! He created an odd phenomena here! Again an 80s and 90s kid here and one of my first musical experiences with a cassette tape my parents had. And over 15 years later I still remembered the album title and here it is in all of its glory!
  • one of my favorites!!

    By trinityal24
    i just came across this album this summer, and while i'm only a teenager and have no history with this album, the masterful composition and vibrantly brilliant pieces make me feel as if i've been listening to it forever. love it!!! :)
  • Deep Breakfast

    By Pspielman
    I love this album it's relaxing and reminds me of good memories when I was in college and enjoying my time in my apartment
  • Loved it then, Still love it now

    By Mrs2Mac
    My uncle owned this CD and I remember hearing it and loving it as a child. I was very happy to find it here. The Oh of Pleasure and Celestial Soda Pop are favorites but the whole album is gold. Unique sound, pure.
  • Tranquil Beauty in sound!

    By Danaharlysmom
    I heard this for the first time on a road trip with my aunt when I was in my 20s I think, and I just loved it! I bought the cd a little while later, and played it for a boyfriend, and it's amazing for making love! Then I lost the cd when I moved and for years forgot about it, till it popped in head and I thought this amazing album called "Breakfast" iTunes for "Breakfast" and just bought it! This album is timeless and gorgeous! Thanks Ray Lynch!
  • Another childhood memory

    By MAS dad of 5
    Wow. Just like a few others here, I used to listen to this on an album (really- not even a tape or CD!) as a kid on my parents' stereo. It was my background noise for the complete Sherlock Holmes and The Lord of the Rings and I remember the music to this day. Now it will be during newspapers and my nighttime computer work. Timeless.
  • Thanks, NPR

    By Ponce Inlet
    I first heard Celestial Soda Pop on NPR back in the early 90’s when they used the song as theme music within their morning All Things Considered news show. Fortunately, the announcer quickly answered my own silent query when, one day, she identified the song and the artist after many listener call-ins asking…”what is that wonderful music?” Needless to say, I headed to Best Buy to buy the CD. I’m listening to it now…with headphones (not the CD - that’s long gone, but a nice download MP3).