One Foot In the Grave (Bonus Track Version) - Beck

One Foot In the Grave (Bonus Track Version)


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-04-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 32
  • ℗ 2009 Iliad Records

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One Foot In the Grave (Bonus Track Version) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
He's a Mighty Good Leader Beck 2:41 USD 0.99
Sleeping Bag Beck 2:15 USD 0.99
I Get Lonesome Beck 2:49 USD 0.99
Burnt Orange Peel Beck 1:38 USD 0.99
Cyanide Breath Mint Beck 1:37 USD 0.99
See Water Beck 2:22 USD 0.99
Ziplock Bag Beck 1:44 USD 0.99
Hollow Log Beck 1:54 USD 0.99
Forcefield Beck 3:30 USD 0.99
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Flood Beck 2:54 USD 0.99
Asshole Beck 2:32 USD 0.99
I've Seen the Land Beyond Beck 1:41 USD 0.99
Outcome Beck 2:10 USD 0.99
Girl Dreams Beck 2:04 USD 0.99
Painted Eyelids Beck 3:06 USD 0.99
Atmospheric Conditions Beck 2:10 USD 0.99
It's All In Your Mind Beck 2:54 USD 0.99
Whiskey Can Can Beck 2:12 USD 0.99
Mattress Beck 2:31 USD 0.99
Woe On Me Beck 3:10 USD 0.99
Teenage Wastebasket Beck 2:28 USD 0.99
Your Love Is Weird Beck 2:27 USD 0.99
Favorite Nerve Beck 2:05 USD 0.99
Piss On the Door Beck 2:05 USD 0.99
Close to God Beck 2:28 USD 0.99
Sweet Satan Beck 1:45 USD 0.99
Burning Boyfriend Beck 1:12 USD 0.99
Black Lake Morning Beck 2:25 USD 0.99
Feather In Your Cap Beck 1:13 USD 0.99
One Foot In the Grave Beck 3:18 USD 0.99
Teenage Wastebasket Beck 1:27 USD 0.99
I Get Lonesome Beck 1:56 USD 0.99


  • Worst album, NOT Beck's fault...

    By James377
    Horrible. The total Dbag Beck collaborated with on this one is a moron, and took advantage of Beck's passiveness. Beck totally makes up for the re-issue of this dreadful noise with "The Information", "Morning Phase" & the upbeat new single "Dreams". "Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes remix)" & "Looking For a Sign" are excellent too, if you haven't checked those out yet. Looking forward to more through the years to come, and will always cherish the old "Odelay"! Thanks, Beck!
  • Production aside...

    By HFKM
    This is simply one Beck's best records, and it's manifests what it is that makes him one of the greatest artists of his generation. Quirky lyricism, diverse style, and purism. If you only want to download a few songs from the album I'd recommend "Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods" (the best from the album, IMO), "@$$hole," and "Teenage Wastebasket."
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals

    By Edin Na Zu
    This album continues to guide, shield, and devour the conundrum. A luminous vision, memory beyond insight. My God... This is it!!! ITunes, bring on Stereopathetic Soulmanure.
  • Raw

    By Mr_Hamburger
    This is a really raw and interesting album. Probably wouldn't be my suggestion for a beginner, but if you already love beck, this is a great addition to your collection
  • One of my favorites

    By Liamthegr8
    There are some good artists that have written some good stuff. Even fewer have achieved greatness. Beck couldn't do that with this album, because this album surpassed that level. This album didn't just present folk music, it redefined it. Sadly, it was forced under the shadows of his later works and never got as big. If you ever do decide to change your life for the better and listen to this album, there are some songs you should look for. Some good ones in there include Mattress, Woe on Me, and Teenage Wastebasket. If you haven't heard this album, something is wrong. Very very wrong.
  • Beck's Most Underrated Album

    By j-boy93
    I admit, when "Loser" first came out I expected Beck to be a One-Hit Wonder, Then I listened to Odelay, Mutations, Sea Change, Guero, and Modern Guilt, then it came to me. He is this generation's Bob Dylan. After listening to his masterpice Sea Change I decided to dig deep in classic Beck. That's when I discovered this One Foot in the Gave is a lo-fi/folk masterpiece and one of the best albums of the 90's. Any Beck fan out will love this.
  • the real beck

    By prophet352
    this is what beck sounds like this and that earlier cd on KILL ROCKSTATS mutations also fits in mellow gold was decent but thats the end of beck for me sea chang? guero or whatever odelay?!?thats thee worst album download this for the raw. beck
  • Ugh...

    By paigelle
    I think people are still buying Beck's music just because it's Beck. I think he knows that too, and it's pretty clear in this album and most of his work nowadays.
  • Very Lo-Fi

    By stan_1978
    A lot of people mistake this for Becks debut. But this is actually his 4th record he put out. Some of the highlights are A**hole and burnt orange-peel. The rest of it is a bit boring if you ask me. Beck needs to put out Stereophonic Soulmanure and his debut Golden Feelings on Itunes. I'd buy it.
  • great album... but where is Stereopathetic Soul Manure?

    By bodyminushead
    that's all i have to say