The Best of Talking Heads (Remastered) - Talking Heads

The Best of Talking Heads (Remastered)

Talking Heads

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2004-08-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18
  • ℗ 2004 Warner Records Inc. Manufactured and Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketing

The Best of Talking Heads (Remastered) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Love -> Building On Fire Talking Heads 2:58
Psycho Killer Talking Heads 4:19
Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town Talking Heads 2:50
Take Me to the River Talking Heads 5:01
Found a Job Talking Heads 5:00
Life During Wartime Talking Heads 3:41
Heaven Talking Heads 4:01
Memories Can't Wait Talking Heads 3:30
Once In a Lifetime Talking Heads 4:19
Houses In Motion Talking Heads 4:30
This Must Be the Place (Naive Talking Heads 4:56
Girlfriend Is Better Talking Heads 5:45
Burning Down the House Talking Heads 4:02
Road to Nowhere Talking Heads 4:19
And She Was Talking Heads 3:37
Wild Wild Life Talking Heads 3:39
Blind Talking Heads 4:58
(Nothing But) Flowers Talking Heads 5:32


  • Not Quite the Best Of

    By boodah hat
    This collection has a lot of the best songs by the Talking Heads and you won’t go wrong buying it ... but it’s missing some key songs for a Best Of collection and it includes some odd choices. For example, it includes Found A Job, a good song, but neglects to include an even better song from the same album ... Thanks For Sensing Me An Angel. It includes Houses In Motion but not Cross-eyed and Painless ... a much better, more important and well-know Heads song. Same for Blind ... when from the same album there’s Totally Nude. And where is Making Flippy Floppy? Almost any and every song from the Stop Making Sense concert film should be included in a Best Of collection. This collection tends to give space to radio hits like And She Was and Wild Wild Life and Road to Nowhere while edging out some fantastic songs that could and should easily show up on a Best of collection: Cities, Paper, Pulled Up and The Facts of Life. All in all a perfectly okay Best Of, but not a true best of. Certainly not when it’s missing Making Flippy Floppy and Cross-eyed and Painless.
  • classic

    By Hunger💥games🔥lover❤️
    their best
  • Um

    By jazmin98
  • Iconic music

    By Truckee
    Music never ever to be recreated.
  • Trend setting

    By Welovejets
    Burns and talking heads were years ahead of bands in their era. Unique and risk takers
  • Fantastic again

    By narbird-dave
    I have to say they still sound better than almost anyone out there today. As someone else said they still sound fresh after all these years. How can they do that? The redo on Heaven was very impressive.
  • Amazing

    By History boy 1861-1865
    Fabulous and amazing Music a MUST DOWNLOAD
  • Yes I'm 18

    By Ansley Martin
    I love the talking heads I grew up listening to it because my dad love them I will never ever get tired of her songs no matter what even if I listen to them for a whole month nonstop I will never get tired of them you should get this album because well why not you're the one of the best music bands ever or at least in my opinion and I'm 18 I'm millennial and I still love this classic band. They're funny witty and and all the songs always have some little bit of a comedy to him
  • Chris Frantz is my cousin how could i not love these guys!

    By RussDrums123
    Drummer Chris Frantz is my cousin and i have the priviledge to see him and his wife (bassist of the band). Love these guys and so glad i got to see them live.
  • Pure genius

    By Nurk Twin
    It really is.......