Traces - Seals & Crofts


Seals & Crofts

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2004-06-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 2004 SCHR, LLC

Traces ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Summer Breeze Seals & Crofts 3:34
Get Closer Seals & Crofts 4:56
Diamond Girl Seals & Crofts 5:11
We May Never Pass This Way Aga Seals & Crofts 4:20
Hummingbird Seals & Crofts 5:32
Not Be Found Seals & Crofts 3:04
Change the Copper Into Gold Seals & Crofts 4:33
Paint You Seals & Crofts 4:11
The Euphrates Seals & Crofts 3:22
Love Takes No Prisoners Seals & Crofts 2:58


  • A Cool Vibe Grows on You

    By music city citizen
    I was only familiar with the first 5 songs, and I thought the last 5 were new, but after reading the reviews, I guess the last 5 are remakes too. I seem to be buying everything one by one, as I listen to the complete songs on the iTunes "connect" button as I write this. They were too good in the 70s to not have some great stuff later too. Regarding "Get Closer" - It was annoying to me on the radio in the 70s, but I really dig this new version actually, but haven't bought it yet - probably will get it soon too.
  • Extraordinary

    By wordleman
    I saw Seals & Crofts as much as I could in the 70’s and was thrilled that they’d spend time with me after concerts. I didn’t know until years later that they did so in hopes of converting fans to their Bahá'í Faith. Be that as it may, they’ve remained one of my favorite soft rock duos and influenced my song writing over the years. I wasn’t all that motivated to listen to Traces when I discover several of the songs were remixes…I could not have been more wrong. They’ve taken rock solid hits and made them all the more phenomenal. It’s a pure joy to listen and enjoy.
  • Beautiful

    By gofliakite
    The users who claim that this "isn't Seals & Crofts" have no idea what they are talking about. This is definitely the Jimmy and Dash we know and love. Along with some excellent vocals from each of their daughters. Absolutely beautiful. Worth the buy, no question.

    By 5KGurl
    I love the remake or whatever you wanna call it of DIAMOND GIRL!! It's really a refreshing new sound, This is my favorite song by S&C!!!
  • bottom line "Traces" a great album

    By LXZ
    I "accidently" downloaded this album believing the songs on the album were the original tracks. After listening to this album I was surprised of how much I actually enjoy listening to it as opposed to the original. My two young daughters seem to like like it as well, as it has a "new age" sound. Bottom line a great album!
  • I Don't Remember It Sounding So Good!

    By Midoclo
    Glad to see the boys return to recording (maybe it's all that Texas sunshine) and crank out some EXCELLENT versions of their classics and present us with some fresh S&C material. Nice trip down memory lane.
  • Really cool!

    By audiaudio
    Fresh! It's actually a very cool idea. It's great to hear S & C do new, contemporary versions of their hits. More artists should try this approach. I really like hearing the old songs in a new way!
  • Tingles!

    By EveryPerson
    I've been listening to Seals and Crofts all my life. And while I thought they were brilliant before, now I think they have become sublime. They used to be kind of crystalline, now they've brought some age and some earth into things. As I get older I can now appreciate this. It gives me hope that the best can still be ahead. I've only heard the previews on Itunes but I'm getting this.
  • Unborn Child

    By GerardThomas
    I like this album, as it adds to what was produced so many years ago. But as most S&C fans know, S&C don't get old albums put out on CD because they were so bold as to sing out for the truth about the unborn. Someday, maybe we'll get a re-release of their greatest and most politically correct album, Unborn Child. Whatever happens, the history of this great duo's recordings demonstrates that the music industry is about being pc, not about the revolution of truth it claimed rock and roll to be about.
  • Great!!!!!!!!!

    By musicfinlay
    This a great album. They do arrange the classics a little different. The new arrangments makes it more interesting. The few new songs are very well done indeed. I wish we could see a documentary on these guy's and the making of the songs and rare performances mixed in. Such artist, to have there catalog, out of print for year's and most have never been on cd makes no sense to me. Who has the right's. Put the catalog out remastered, and incude linear notes from Dan and Jim. I also would add bonus tracks of outtakes, alternates, and maybe a demo or two. How much money have these guy's made the record companies ? Give the public what we want. I would be in line with my cash.