Endless Summer Vacation - Miley Cyrus

Endless Summer Vacation

Miley Cyrus

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2023-03-10
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2023 Smiley Miley, Inc. under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainmen

Endless Summer Vacation ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Flowers Miley Cyrus 3:20
Jaded Miley Cyrus 3:05
Rose Colored Lenses Miley Cyrus 3:43
Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi C Miley Cyrus 3:51
You Miley Cyrus 2:59
Handstand Miley Cyrus 3:25
River Miley Cyrus 2:42
Violet Chemistry Miley Cyrus 4:06
Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) Miley Cyrus 2:16
Wildcard Miley Cyrus 3:13
Island Miley Cyrus 3:59
Wonder Woman Miley Cyrus 3:05
Flowers Miley Cyrus 3:30


  • Honestly descent

    By too good of a skier
    But….. what if someone else sang Flowers?
  • Queen miley

    By Hellokitty Masha
    I am only 9 Years but I LOVE ❤️ these songs and so does my mom 😁
  • Extraordinarily boring!

    By aghjkf
    somehow she manages to get worse and worse every album. it truly is unbelievable! No more Please.
  • You just copied bruno mars

    By kate rett
    Bruno mars is better and if i could rate this review 0 i would
  • absolute gold

    By Arjinkz
    i am in LOVE with this album.. i haven't been able to stop streaming this since it came out and i bought it like i feel bad for my old playlists bc they're not being used anymore 😭
  • YES!

    By Imoutside
    You Go, s'Miley. I never thought I'd have Miley Cyrus in my collection playlist. I love "real" music and I love real artists doing what they love... completely vulenerable, completely coming into your 30 something journey, it's a real look into her journey. You won me over with your back yard sessions, your tiny desk sessions, and the 2022/23 new years concert showing just how talented you really are; being real and being you.
  • Let’s gooo

    By hccofm s
    Miley said a few years ago” idk If I can make another wrecking ball or party in the USA” Few years later she has done it again FLOWERS
  • Awful gross eww please I liked Hannah Montana. I liked the old Miley now. What happened?

    By Sophi Rae fultz
    She’s just absolutely terrible. Awful. I was just coming from Ariana Grande so yeah. What happened to the party in the USA I mean I absolutely loved that song. I still play it every single day and I’m like oh my gosh how did you go for my kids favorite to like a teenagers favorite I mean kids need more songs made for them that’s not like baby shark do you know what I mean? Yeah if I could not give you any stars I would but I have to at least give you one star what happened to jeans cowgirl boots, and a tank top now Yep and ripped up dresses where it shows your stomach your boobs and your big fat butt, I mean what happened to all that good style
  • River

    By F...the nickname
    Why does it remind me of You spin me right round like a record right round round round and Edge of Seventeen :3?
  • Straight cigarettes love that voice

    By Tupac is to goo
    A good song sense 2017