• Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2022-09-16
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9
  • ℗ 2022 YG Entertainment, distributed through Interscope Records

BORN PINK ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Pink Venom BLACKPINK 3:06
Shut Down BLACKPINK 2:55
Typa Girl BLACKPINK 2:59
Yeah Yeah Yeah BLACKPINK 2:58
Hard to Love BLACKPINK 2:42
The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK 3:42
Tally BLACKPINK 3:04
Ready For Love BLACKPINK 3:04


  • Where are the hooks???

    By quickthinker
    Black Pink has recorded good music in the past like "Love Sick Girls" so I'm disappointed with their new album. I guess these girls would rather be known as gangsta rappers now, since almost every song is about how tough/bad/nasty they are (over tired and manic beats). If they want to act like the Geto Boys they should take a good look in the mirror because to hear four young pretty rich girls rap (rant) over and over again is BORING. AND FAKE. The only genuine (good) song is "The Happiest Girl" and there's a reason why. It's simple and has a melody. Go back to the drawing board, girls. Non-stop boasting and bragging about how awesome you are is only interesting to you.
  • 👎👎👎👎👎

    By somewhat mariah fan
    Songs from past albums to make a supposedly ‘NEW’ album rip off make new actual album with new songs (key word : NEW) or on second thought don’t the ‘’music’’ of this particular music category is awful. For goodness sakes this music as any other in the K-pop category is just awful my goodness there’s even a song called ‘butter’ by another K-pop group (don’t remember their name nor do I care) why do people go nuts over this music I don’t understand never mind don’t care, I’m into REAL actual music not this manufactured 🗑🚽 music.
  • 🙄😭😫

    By Blackpink here hdidgsksgsgsjud
    I don’t hate the album but here’s the thing there are beats I wouldn’t expect from Blackpink and I heard the album and it was catchy but it was like messy because they put roses solo in the whole group album, and it was just all different beats that doesn’t fit their style and I thought born pink would be way different
  • best blackpink album so far

    By Shawty the badest
    been a blink since boombayah, and this don’t disappoint. sis ate and left no crumbs 💅🏾(typa girl make me wanna bust a hip)
  • Not K-pop

    By krew fanie
    You call this k-pop?! Literally all the lyrics are in English. K-pop is Korean pop. Literally they just joined the rest of the R&B section. Pink Venom is even better than Shut Down. I agree too. Even my toilet has a better sound than that Shut Down. SHUT DOWN BLACKPINK! HOW ABOUT THAT! 🍙🍙🍜🍜🥟🥟lol
  • This is not singing

    By Melomaniac_1
    Sorry, but these girls can't sing. They really need voice lessons.
  • Eh

    Every song is good except “Pink Venom”
  • Loving this!! ❤️

    By saierha
    Tally is my fave!! But I love all the songs 💜 🖤 💘
  • Uhm

    By lalisa manoban kim
    Only okish song is hard to love all the others are terrible
  • Really Blackpink???

    By ksajq
    Back in 2016-2018 they had some good music and now this is what they have been preparing all this time? BP just doesn’t seem to want to work together. What’s going onnnm😭