Fossora - Björk



  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2022-09-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2022 One Little Independent Records

Fossora ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Atopos (feat. Kasimyn) Björk 4:46
Ovule Björk 3:38
Mycelia Björk 2:00
Sorrowful Soil Björk 3:15
Ancestress (feat. Sindri Eldon Björk 7:17
Fagurt Er Í Fjörðum Björk 0:44
Victimhood Björk 6:57
Allow (feat. Emilie Nicolas) Björk 5:26
Fungal City (feat. serpentwith Björk 4:45
Trölla-Gabba (feat. Kasimyn) Björk 1:57
Freefall Björk 4:31
Fossora (feat. Kasimyn) Björk 4:19
Her Mother's House (feat. ísa Björk 4:33


  • 3/5 No Pop Songs Here

    By callingitlikeiseeit
    I see lots of reviews here saying "why can't Björk wtite a pop song like she used to?" And I counter that argument that she never really wrote "pop" songs. She wrote songs just like these and the producers she wrorked with added the things that made them more palatable to a mainstream audience. Yes, this new album is a bit hard on the ears, yes it's challenging to listen, yes, there are no traditional verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/verse/outro that you might be looking for. But these sounds and her voice are as beautiful as they have always been. I love this collection of songs. If you don't, then don't buy it.
  • There is no real MUSIC here

    By jodamo4
    It pains me to write a negative Bjork review. She is a musical genius, but her ability to write a song, a real song, ended in 2001 with Vespertine. (Volta was tolerable, but still not good.) There has been nothing since then. No real songs, no real melodies. If I didn't know of her process, I'd swear she cranked this album out in about an hour, as she banged around on any instrument within reach and sang a bunch of nonsense lyrics. I don't see how anyone could listen to this for pleasure or for artistry. I love you, Bjork, but please....
  • Interesting, but not great 😟

    By MuZiK40
    The album seems like it was rushed. Many of the songs are not really put together to give them an even tone. Each song sounds very jumbled. I could only tolerate Ancetress because it speaks of my mother’s passing.😔. I also found Her Mother’s House very soothing. I always am interest in what Björk creates since her first debut album. Yet, this album was ok, not great. ☹️
  • Back to the electronica

    By fummetresor
    Loved the album. It’s different. Weird. And all Bjork. Lots of cool electronic sounds and bass. Her voice is remarkable. I love how she uses lots of different choruses. Clever. Second song of course is my favorite. She really knows which notes to play to give you certain emotions. A musical mathematician.
  • Bjork’s Back

    By Got2BJosh
    Her best and most consistent album since Volta. After flop sales for Vulnicura and Utopia and complaints from critics and listeners that her music had become too atmospheric and hard to follow, Bjork finally returns to making an album that much more listenable and surprisingly cinematic. Hopefully Bjork maintains a return to making unique but still listenable music like her Debut - Vespertine (& Volta) prime. Beautiful singing throughout. The last six tracks are the strongest part of the album. My favorites: - Atopos, Ovule, Allow, Fungal City, & Fossora are her uptempo grooves. - Mycelia & Trölla-Gabba are cinematic interludes. - Ancestress, Freefall, & Her Mother’s House are dramatic and contemplative, but not slow or long enough to be boring.
  • Scary, dissonant, difficult, atonal

    By xrizzo
  • Defies again

    By DomenoMan
    Bjork continues to defy and transgress all mainstream music, giving birth to a unique gem of an album. It just keeps growing and growing on me. A poetic and sounding surprise around every corner.
  • Her music is stuck in time

    By apple itunes official stevejob
    It's been stale for a long, long time. I want to be excited, but I've heard this all before.
  • help

    By aidan_rh
    No way anyone can listen to this thru
  • Genius at every stage, a true artist.

    By LBooz
    Upon first listening to this album I had read all the reviews about how she’s no longer making music, just sounds and spoken word. I believe anyone who thinks this never really understood Björk in the first place or really cared for her music at all. Yes there is no hyperballad nor might there ever be again and that’s fine because her music evolves in such a way as only she can. Several songs on this album fall under a category of needing several listens to appreciate but those usually end up being my favorite down the road. Fungal City is immediately engaging and spectacular and Fossora the same. Her mothers house is so haunting and beautiful I find it living in my head rent free. Atopos took a few tries but now I’m in love with it’s strange, bizarre sound. While true there is no catchy tune such as it’s oh so quiet and no upbeat song like big time sensuality Björk is still very much her weird beautiful atmospheric self and I think this is just one more fantastic album to add to her sprawling achievements. Good to have you back lady!