Entering Heaven Alive - Jack White

Entering Heaven Alive

Jack White

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-07-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 2022 Third Man Records

Entering Heaven Alive ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
A Tip from You to Me Jack White 2:42
All Along the Way Jack White 3:52
Help Me Along Jack White 4:46
Love is Selfish Jack White 2:52
I’ve Got You Surrounded (Wit Jack White 4:24
Queen of the Bees Jack White 2:30
A Tree on Fire from Within Jack White 2:59
If I Die Tomorrow Jack White 2:59
Please God, Don't Tell Anyone Jack White 4:00
A Madman from Manhattan Jack White 4:26
Taking Me Back (Gently) Jack White 4:35


  • I'm Surrounded

    By swh2o
    What can I say, sometimes I buy an album for just one song and that is I've got you surrounded. The groove on this track is psychedelic. It's a little bit of the Doors and that Jack White octave sith lord guitar licks feel.
  • Better than the last album

    By captainjh92
    I miss the energy of the reconteurs and the white stripes…this is ok, but more soft rock or pop …. i’m more of a fan of Jack’s raw sound of blues, folk & rock
  • Nope

    By Elitesweet9
    It’s not good. Streamed it once. Utterly forgettable. Both lyrics and music. Meh. I was trying to figure out why he needed to release two albums of really mediocre material in one year instead of paring it down into one mediocre album and then it dawned on me that he owns the pressing plant and he has a very small fan cult who will literally buy anything he makes no matter how bad it is. So he makes more money by selling two albums to the same small group of people than one. And because his cult are reliable buyers no matter how mediocre the work is, he always debuts these records in the top 10 on Billboard and then the albums free fall off the charts the following week, because no one else does. Anyway the songs back in the white stripes… who actually wrote those songs? Who wrote the riffs? Anytime Jack White comes out with a song that is in any way something I want to play again, my first thought is going to be “who actually wrote the song?” Because I don’t think he can actually write songs. In one song he says he loves his lover like his mother loves him. Ok. In another he sings about a can stuck in a sink. Maybe the blue hair is meant to distract from all this, idk. But I think it’s time for this guy to be seen for what he is.
  • Strong Showing

    By Irish747
    Really like All Along the Way, Help Me Along, Love is Selfish and A Tree on Fire…
  • A Brilliant Album

    By B.Casey
    There’s never been a question as to Jack White’s talent, but this album dives deeper into his musical journey and creativity. Songs more stripped down than his other projects. His lyrics are deep in meaning, thought provoking and a bit spiritual. This album to me is one of his best works. If you’re on the fence because it isn’t a rocking album, I say get it and enjoy the ride.
  • 🎹

    By raenaraena
    If Neil Young and Billy Joel had a baby, would they name it crazy piano man, or horsey manly piano? But back to the album: it walks the line between 60s folk and goth. Clinking pianos, White’s wavery operatic voice, and the occasional Beatle’s keyboards. This is more like an album of songs not quite baked, almost done but still need about 20 minutes at 350*. Just give it a couple more minutes, Jack, the album will be done soon ❤️ bring back the dead weather
  • Instantly timeless

    By MasterPersonGuy
    In what seems like an endless OCEAN of post-post-post-grunge, nihilist pop and hypebeast rip-rap, it’s good to see someone like Jack White immerse himself in the wellspring of Beatles-esque sensibilities, pre-WWII ruralist Americana and everything from Bob Dylan, to Scott Joplin, Janis Joplin, Django Reinhardt and many other acoustic-driven musicians. Also, Jack actually UNDERSTANDS analog technology and uses it in a genuine way, and not merely as a nostalgia-chic prop to look “hip” and “retro”. Best of all, Jack writes about love and death with true, mature conviction, as an adult with strengths AND weaknesses, and not as an egotistical, condescending Mary Sue who’s all bark and no bite, like I see so much of in so much other music. The fact that this album is a ROCK album that uses way more than just the cliché lineup of Guitar Hero-approved RAWK™ instruments instantly makes it LEAGES better than virtually all of the mainstream pap currently being passed off as rock music (and music in general). In fact, I believe that, in time, this particular record will become part of the music zeitgeist as a classic album people will remember and enjoy FOREVER; it’s already become that for me, that’s for sure!
  • I miss him being a punk

    By 00deadpoolbatmam
    Please go back to being a punk singer, i miss the old jack white. Bring back the white stripes
  • Vote for album No. 2

    By Jonsey66
    I found several songs really good. I found Entering better than Fear. Regardless Jack is and probably always be unique. Just roll with it.
  • Cool album title

    By stan_1978
    Wish it was a metal song.