Cool It Down - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cool It Down

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-09-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8
  • ℗ 2022 Secretly Canadian

Cool It Down ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Spitting Off the Edge of the W Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4:17
Lovebomb Yeah Yeah Yeahs 5:06
Wolf Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4:13
Fleez Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3:58
Burning Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4:05
Blacktop Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4:23
Different Today Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4:27
Mars Yeah Yeah Yeahs 1:55


  • The band is a shell of their former selves

    By NY Du
    This music is soulless. It feels bad on purpose. Stop trying to be ARTSY!! YYY is NOT Radiohead. You are not My Bloody Valentine. You succeeded as a Neo-garage rock band!! Someone needs to remind this band of what interesting lyrics, melody and rhythm is. They have needed to go back to basics for over 15 years now. They are killing their legacy. This band truly bought into their own hype and seem content to have a cool image while making terrible music. Their commercial failure in recent years is not because of the stupidity of the masses—it is because they CONSISTENTLY PUT OUT TERRIBLE MUSIC.
  • Great Tune

    By Compatty1
    Love the beat!
  • Love’n it!

    By periwinklepaw
    I love this band and even after a while listening to their songs, I can’t stop playing them. This is wonderful and in many ways I cannot describe the music. It’s just awesome.
  • Best music I ever listen to

    By rocket 19💀
    I can’t describe it
  • Beautiful melancholy

    By Joey_Haske
    Sorrow keep your head up vibes throughout
  • Cool it Down

    By Extra0rdinaryMachine
    The YYY’s return did not disappoint. I think this album has some incredible songs which rank up there with their classics … “Spitting Off The Edge of The World,” “Burning,” “Wolf,” and “Fleez” are all fantastic. I only wish the record was a bit longer… it’s really only 7 songs since “Mars” is a short spoken word outro.
  • Dope

    By DinosaurAlpha
    Amazing sound
  • Dull and uninspired

    By ArcanVm
    This isn’t a genre you’re good at. The band basically is trying to capitalize on the popularity of Kate bush after that episode of stranger things by making ten songs that have “that 80s vibe” and nothing else. Hard pass
  • Definitely hits for this fan!

    By Mercrat
    Wow! How embarrassing for all these so called “fans” whining and lashing out with their one star reviews. Makes me wonder if they’ve even really listened to the previous albums! I agree these tracks don’t have that same raw fury as Fever to Tell, its still true to the sound of the band! I would say a reminiscent mix of the grungy electrofunk found in SYB and the fem pop/rock from Its Blitz! The song Wolf was an instant win for me. Karen O sounds as good as ever. I love how this album holds onto the band’s rock roots, while staying fresh. Its left me totally stoked to see their show in LA tomorrow !
  • Half an album of good songs is better than none at all I guess…

    By jpellow
    It’s been a long time since they’ve released any new music and I feel this album is missing the soul of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…Nick’s guitar and Brian’s live drums seem to be missing for most of the record..Karen’s vocals are great, although I don’t care for the spoken dialogue so much, maybe it will grow on me…