EXPLOSIONS - Three Days Grace


Three Days Grace

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2022-05-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2022 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

EXPLOSIONS ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
So Called Life Three Days Grace 3:26
I Am The Weapon Three Days Grace 2:55
Neurotic (feat. Lukas Rossi ) Three Days Grace 3:17
Lifetime Three Days Grace 2:56
A Scar Is Born Three Days Grace 3:33
Souvenirs Three Days Grace 3:10
No Tomorrow Three Days Grace 2:52
Redemption Three Days Grace 3:10
Champion Three Days Grace 3:01
Chain of Abuse Three Days Grace 3:05
Someone To Talk To (feat. Apoc Three Days Grace 2:53
Explosions Three Days Grace 3:27


  • It pretty good

    By Soaring Pilot; NickVelez
    I feel like they could have done better. First of all: “A Scar is Born” is not very original. The lyrics have a decent meaning, but they could have named it something else, not related to the movie. The vocals need a little bit of work in some places. Other than that I fell like all of the songs have pretty good meaning, and are put together well.
  • Blown Away!

    By SolarGamer27
    This is hands down one of their best, if not their BEST record to date!
  • Amazing album

    By Leon Kennedy2121
    I usually only like a few tracks off an album but this entire album is fire.
  • Awesome

    By Maliyah13154681
    I really like this album! I like the heavier songs mixed with some of the lighter ones. So called life is the best!
  • So so good

    By Pizza Man108
    Best Matt album ever. Haters stay far FAR away
  • By Gavin there BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!

    By Shaodw fist
    Three Days Grace has finally released there 7th album all our problems are solved people!!!!!!
  • Listen

    By Jbogey24
    Description begins with the word Listen. I did and it rocks. Extremely well written and the musicianship is outstanding.
  • Nice Job Guys!

    By JD46
    Time moved on. Three Days Grace has worked hard on this release. Song writing is at the top. Enjoying my purchase and not looking back!
  • Capable of so much more

    By Yoshinaruto
    I always start these by clarifying that I’m not one of the 3DG fans who complains about Adam being gone every time they release something. I love Adam, but Matt’s a decent replacement. I even liked Human more than Transit of Venus. That said, their last two albums are (imo) their weakest. Outsider mostly felt like radio bait, and Explosions continues that, with possibly less emotion than before. “Chain of Abuse” and “Someone to Talk To” are decent. Certainly not in my top 30 songs from the band, but I don’t mind them. The rest of the album lacks any sort of passion or authenticity the band used to have. I know 3DG can do better, Matt has made some greats songs before and after joining the band. I really want to be able to enjoy the new 3DG, and I though I would when I heard Painkiller for the first time. But the direction they’ve been taking just isn’t very interesting. I’ll check out the next album they make, but if it’s anything like this, then it may be the last album from them I listen to. I used to consider them my second favorite band, so I really don’t want to give up on them yet. Hopefully the next album goes in a new direction.
  • Amazing Record

    By JPOIV
    All the songs are great, with a perfect display of slower, heartfelt songs, to energy-packed, powerful songs as well. Many riffs and vocals are spot on! Overall, amazing work!