Country Stuff The Album - Walker Hayes

Country Stuff The Album

Walker Hayes

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2022-01-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2022 Monument Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Country Stuff The Album ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Drinking Songs Walker Hayes 3:12
AA Walker Hayes 3:09
Life With You Walker Hayes 3:00
U Gurl Walker Hayes 2:32
Delorean Walker Hayes 2:39
Fancy Like Walker Hayes 2:41
Craig (feat. MercyMe) Walker Hayes 3:35
What You Don't Wish For Walker Hayes 3:00
Country Stuff (feat. Jake Owen Walker Hayes & Jake Owen 2:34
I Hope You Miss Me Walker Hayes 3:23
Briefcase (feat. Lori McKenna) Walker Hayes & Lori McKenna 3:28
Make You Cry Walker Hayes 3:09
What If We Did (feat. Carly Pe Walker Hayes 3:11


  • Complete garbage

    By Cassmilrya
    If I could give this -o stars I would. This guy is a complete clown and is everything that is wrong with music today.
  • Fancy Like

    By Traveling Kilbury
    I can't stand the radio stations playing Fancy Like. It's not really country. It's more of Pop/Rap.
  • Great song writer

    By Rudedogg17
    From his lyrics to his distinct rhythm, I find his music fun and unique. The fact that he doesn’t fit squarely into the country genre is all the better. I love country but for me the cookie cutter songs by interchangeable artist gets old. I am a fan at the end of the day I judge my music by how much I enjoy it. Keep writing new songs Walker!
  • Fun songs and from the heart

    By Teachingdaddy
    I have heard most of the songs that are out by him and I like them. This may be new music to some but remember that Hank and Waylon were not called country when they came out. I also like that he includes ALL of his family on tour, in videos, and even on stage. That is a real successful man to me. Also most of the ones that say they hate it has not posted a real reason why. Keep up the good work, Walker.
  • A train wreck of a song

    By Austin Peterso
    Fancy Like is the worst country song if not THE worst song to ever hit the radio and my ears! Nowhere even near country, more like bad 2000s pop. I hear this awful song up to 10 times a day and it’s more annoying than a little kid’s song. I HIGHLY recommend not buying this, playing this, or even hearing this highly obnoxious, overplayed, non-country piece of garbage ever!
  • Aa

    By 229-400-1927
    You are the best
  • Horrible

    By Xtomahawkx
    If I could give minus stars I would
  • Just stop.....

    By con0729
    Please take this album and these songs and just trash them they are awful.
  • Amazing music and quality

    By o . _ . o
    I love his music he really puts dedication in to his music!
  • Fun Diverse and Thoughtful

    By sandi san
    First, these are fun songs, great to make you move and help me to feel a bit more current. To those who desire “country” this is country. Country music is like the good old USA-very diverse. There is room for all types of country music- if you find some music you don’t like just go on to the next till you find songs you like there is no need to be ugly and critical. I specifically want to encourage you to listen to all the songs in the album I really think the song Briefcase says so much about relationships with fathers and how our impression changes as we become parents. It is a beautiful song. I so agree and like the way it came full circle. There are a few songs in this album that I don’t care for but as a whole I like the album, it was worth the investment and there are more songs I like than not which is more than I can say for some albums.