Nothing Is Sound - Switchfoot

Nothing Is Sound


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2005-09-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

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Nothing Is Sound ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Lonely Nation Switchfoot 3:46 USD 1.29
Stars Switchfoot 4:20 USD 1.29
Happy Is a Yuppie Word Switchfoot 4:51 USD 1.29
The Shadow Proves the Sunshine Switchfoot 5:04 USD 1.29
Easier Than Love Switchfoot 4:29 USD 1.29
The Blues Switchfoot 5:17 USD 1.29
The Setting Sun Switchfoot 4:25 USD 1.29
Politicians Switchfoot 3:28 USD 1.29
Golden Switchfoot 3:36 USD 1.29
The Fatal Wound Switchfoot 2:44 USD 1.29
We Are One Tonight Switchfoot 4:42 USD 1.29
Daisy Switchfoot 4:18 USD 1.29
Stars Switchfoot 4:09 USD Album Only


  • Awesome album!

    By JacobKitts
    Easily one of their best albums. I got in here instead of on CD, because the CD has the harmful Sony rootkit from the 2005 rootkit scandal. My only complaint is that it's mislabeled as Pop when it's clearly a Rock album, but that can be easily fixed after downloading it.
  • Timeless

    By Gamecockkid
    One of my favorite albums. Full of emotion and meaning
  • Now this is Switchfoot

    By SIK757
    When people think about Switchfoot they'll probably remember the ones that play on Air 1 or K Love. Those would be Dare You To Move, When We Come Alive, Live It well, Meant To Live, ETC. Those ones are great and all, but that's not full story. Nothing Is Sound is more of the 'dark' side of the band. This is hands down the best Switchfoot album next to The Beautiful Let Down. It kicks off with Stars, not my favorite song on the album. The acoustic version is way better if you ask me. Some of the album's best tracks would be Daisy, Happy Is a Yuppie Word, Golden, Easier Than Love, .. the whole album is a masterpiece. It's golden.
  • Favorite of Their Albums

    By Sheep#21
    This album is so complete in its feel. Every song is like a ballad you want to sing along with, and the emotion and meaning behind each song is felt so clearly. And of course I gotta give a shout-out to Jon's vocals, Chad's drumming and all those awesome guitar lines...really there's nothing to complain about with his beautiful, honest and gritty album.
  • Double bad. Generic and religious.

    By BrianSwaldi
    There' s two major strikes against this band/album. It's both generic and religious. For starters, they remind me of Creed. That alone should be enough said. They're such a 90's band. You quickly get the impression that this is a knock off of dozens of other more talented bands that actually played in the 90's, but with a religious twist. It's pleasant, but boring. It's not good enough to justify keeping on my Ipod with such a finite hard drive. The main reason that it's not good enough is the content, however, and not the level of generic-ness. You can tell, no matter how hard they try to hide it to appeal to a larger market, that every single song is about God. They just want to sing songs directly to God, but make the kind of money that you're not supposed to want if you follow the letter of the bible regarding materialism. You just know that a given song isn't about a girl that they can't live without or that they feel worthless without, it's God. It's a good thing that it isn't to a girl, because it would come off creepy and super co-dependent - almost borderline personality. Once I realize that any ambiguous song actually means God, I immediately check out. Even when it's not clearly a thinly-veiled God song, it's still emo and hyper-existential. Dismal stats on this album. They're all weak two star songs and all but one song was a throwaway.
  • Favorite album from these guys!!

    By JPD600
    Wow, you guys outdid yourselves with this albuM! Every song was good, Daisy was my least fav too slow. But great album. Lonely Nation & Easier Than Love, Stars are my 3 favs! Listen to this album, Beautiful Letdown is my 2nd then Fading West is 3. Listen to this if you havent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By tnr7697
    Switchfoot is one of the best christian bands out there. All their albums are amazing and never disappoint. Typically on cds there are a few songs you skip over, there are none of those on here. Every single track is amazing and so well done. Buy this album and every other one STAT.
  • The best album they have ever made

    By The Man undisputed
    This album is a cherry. There are plenty of rock bangers like lonely nation for all the heavy types. The most profound thing about this album is the deep, haunting, almost dark portrayal of those moments where one reaches rock bottom, be it personally, professionally, spiritually or whatever it may be. Plucked from this melancholia is a resounding slow yet steady hope that
  • oh my goodness...

    By ssport
    I don't throw out 5 star ratings like candy but it's a no brainer here. Man, what an album. The songwriting is awesome...the energy is over the top...the guitars are explosive...the drums are incredible... the hooks sparkle and shine all over the place...the singing is top-notch... Plain and simple, the music is just mesmerizingly good. Pretty much all the songs are awesome, but the standouts for me are "Easier Than Love," "Lonely Nation," "Stars," "We Are One" and "Golden," which is so good it hurts. Heck, the whole thing is just shockingly good.... Albums of this quality are just rare, to say the least.
  • Buying again...

    By garrettshu
    …due to the stupid copy protection from Columbia. Fantastic album, I just want to finally have it in digital format now. This is gonna take me back to my adolescent self :)