Frayed At Both Ends - Aaron Lewis

Frayed At Both Ends

Aaron Lewis

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2022-01-28
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2022 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Frayed At Both Ends ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Again Aaron Lewis 4:03
Goodbye Town Aaron Lewis 3:24
Everybody Talks To God Aaron Lewis 4:17
Am I The Only One Aaron Lewis 4:29
Kill Me Like You Love Me Aaron Lewis 4:48
Pull Me Under Aaron Lewis 4:28
Life Behind Bars Aaron Lewis 3:29
Waiting There For Me Aaron Lewis 3:07
They Call Me Doc (feat. Creati Aaron Lewis 4:03
Get What You Get Aaron Lewis 3:43
Sticks And Stones Aaron Lewis 3:10
One In The Same Aaron Lewis 4:28
Someone Aaron Lewis 3:59


  • All songs are great

    By Impeytodd
    Doesn’t get any better !
  • Snowflakes Crying… lol

    By Officer iPhone
    This shows his talent, comes out with a 5 star album, in a completely different music genre. I like the physical taken and the message… but I enjoy the liberal tears the most.
  • Speaks Volumes to those who choose to listen

    By jdh2346
    I listened to this album in it’s entirety. I loathe Country Music as whole. Listening to this album under the genre of “Outlaw Country” is ludicrous. This is not “outlaw” music. This is real life in the hard working world of our lives. This album was like I got to sit, tell my story to Aaron Lewis himself and he made this amazing album. Saw him perform this album last week with his monologue in between. He is as true American as I have ever met/seen in any venue and flat does not care what anybody says or thinks. His opinion can be extreme, but so is America, extremely lost in core family values. He shows the ignorance of those who sleep under the blanket of freedom some Americans take for granted. Whether it was in our Armed Forces or our first responders. He is a hero to many of us that lived that sacrifice and deal with the demons daily. This album reflects every part of those feelings and the lies we have to tell ourselves everyday as a result. Thank You and you were awesome at Chuckansi Resort and Casino a few weeks back. I was proud we were asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance before the performance. No kneeling in this crowd ….. FAFO
  • Aaron’s best album!

    By aortaatroa
    This is Aaron’s best album! Love the honesty lyrics. I always thought he was a great vocalist but the songwriting here is great as well. Thanks for calling it the way you see it and for bearing your soul! Someone is probably my favorite. Such a beautiful song!
  • Aaron Lewis! Love his music!

    By kimberpdx
    I’ve always loved Staind but discovering him in country- wow- amazing! I listen to this album every single day! Best song- AM I THE ONLY ONE! SO perfect!! Wish he would tour and come to Portland OR!!! “Woke” capital of the world - could use his message!! He is simply the best - his voice is amazing!!
  • Love Aaron Lewis

    By Ayres53
    Aaron Lewis strumming the guitar and singing. Great album.
  • Truth Hurts

    By Darwinswaitingroom
    This a great Album, it is elemental in its creation and Aarons voice is exceptional. I have missed old school country writing. Becuase this music displays the threads of patriotism, the Liberal and Socialist elk in this country are going to condem it and call it garbage. They mock what they can't understand. Great job Mr. Lewis.
  • More Good Stuff

    By Disskord
    Aaron Lewis has to be one of the most prolific musicians, songwriters and lyricists in the last 20 years. So what he decided to go country - it's his right and it comes from the soul just like all of his music does. Don't tell me he's a fake - a lot of modern country artists who are popular are fake. Fake southern accents, just writing radio friendly music to make a buck. Don't like his politics, don't listen. I doubt he cares.
  • One of the Better Country Albums in History

    By The Daum
    The last few years have been tough for many people, and nobody gives voice to both the personal and the national struggle like Aaron Lewis. That was true in the past both with Staind and some of his previous country albums, but the stripped-down approach to this album surpasses any previous high he’s reached. I related to everything said here. The music is beautiful. The lyrics are potent and relevant, and relatable. The album is chocked full with songs I wished I’d written. It’s like somebody saying things I have said but only set to incredible music and with pinpoint accuracy in the articulation of the lyrics. The accompanying instrumentation on this album is without a doubt some of the best of all time. “Waiting There For Me” has got to be my favorite in that category. It’s a controversial take, but personally, this is my favorite country album of all time. In a world where most of the time it’s bud light, pickup trucks, divorce, women, and talking about how country you are…Aaron Lewis makes an album that talks about the feeling of watching freedom die, past struggles, personal struggles, the music industry, and the feeling of being haunted out on the road. It hits hard and it hits home. Buy the album. If you like traditional country, you won’t regret it. I’ll be picking up the vinyl sometime as well.
  • Thank you

    By Triston915
    In this day and age to standup for all the things that made us great comes with a cost. God and guns (The Bible and the Constitution)is what made us more free, more rich and more powerful that any other nation to ever exist. Aaron Lewis is using his talent to keep it around a little while longer. Liberal do not understand that they are destroying the very thing that allows them to speak the way they do. Thank you Aaron