Let It Be (2021 Mix) - The Beatles

Let It Be (2021 Mix)

The Beatles

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2021-10-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2021 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)

Let It Be (2021 Mix) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Two of Us The Beatles 3:36
Dig a Pony The Beatles 3:54
Across the Universe The Beatles 3:48
I Me Mine The Beatles 2:25
Dig It The Beatles 0:50
Let It Be The Beatles 4:03
Maggie Mae The Beatles 0:40
I've Got a Feeling The Beatles 3:37
One After 909 The Beatles 2:54
The Long and Winding Road The Beatles 3:37
For You Blue The Beatles 2:32
Get Back The Beatles 3:08


  • Buy “Let It Be Naked” Instead

    By Rick E Lake
    Phil Spector ruined this album. Originally intended to be a live in studio with no overdubs collection of songs to be performed live in concert before a audience, Spector added choirs and orchestration that destroyed the intent. Years later McCartney and George Martin “ repaired” the album with “ Let It Be Naked “ - a far superior version that was the band’s intent.
  • Their worst album

    By flabbadydoo
    This album was abandoned by the Beatles, who normally took a keen interest in the final product., as they went straight into recording Abby Road. I am writing this with the benefit of having seen the Get Back documentary. This album was always a disappointment. It never sounded like the Beatles, because of how it was made. It always sounded shoddy and sloppily put together, and the selection of songs was not as strong. Some of the titles were just throw aways. The Beatles had never done that before. Everything was wrong: they didn't use Abby Road studio, George Martin was sidelined, and later production by Phil Specter were very unbeatle like. The song selections and sequencing were head scratching. Certainly Get Back should have been the opener, and Let it be the closer. Why is the truncated Get Back used instead of the complete version from the single? Why was Don't Let Me Down left off, when it was so heavily featured in the film? Why wasn't Old Brown Shoe used? We see George teaching it to the band. These songs were replaced with the likes of Dig It and Maggie Mae. The Naked version is better than the original album, but still not as good as the album should have been. It still uses the short version of Get Back, but does include Don't let Me Down(though and inferior one), and loses the throw away tracks and studio banter. Ballad of John and Yoko should have been on it as well. That would have been a decent Beatles Album. Specters decisions were not all bad. I like what he did with I, Me, Mine and Let it Be. Across the Universe and Long and Winding Road were horrible though. Naked has the definitive version of Across the Universe. The best version of Long and Winding Road is the Live version from Wings Over America. The one on Naked is just okay. I would only get this album if you are a fan. If you listen on streaming make a playlist using the best versions of the songs.
  • Had to have it!

    By Carollucz
    I’ve been buying Beatles records since 1964 but never was interested in the “Let it Be” album, that is, until I watched the Let it Be Documentary. Then I realized how much I love all Beatles music and knew I had to buy it!
  • Great

    By AnxiousSeeker
    always a great band! Never a bad album. Thanks.
  • Omg this remix is killing

    By Rawbender
    Maybe what this album needs is some 808’s and handclaps with a triplet hi hat huh? Puhlease… 6 solid hits that graced the radio for decades and you say no thank you. It should’ve been an EP? This was a swan song album to wrap up a band’s career that was written in 2weeks, after having well over 40 hits, many that were number ones, in 7 years. Terrible is in the ear of the beholder. Songwriting is more than stealing/sampling someone’s hard work. Pilfering the emotion of an artist to make a crap beat and calling it your own. Sit back, put on your buds and immerse yourselves from top to bottom for 40 minutes.
  • Average

    By Semi-Sammy
    Only enough decent songs for an EP
  • My Least Favorite Beatles Album.

    By Stonerbeachbum65
    When "Let It Be" was released I bought the album like just about every teenager who grew up listening to The Fab Four. With the exception of a few songs (Let It Be, Get Back and The Long And Winding Road) I felt it was my least favorite Beatles album. It was obvious this band was on the brink of breaking up. It just wasn't very good for a band that released such great albums in the past. This newly remixed version of "Let It Be" really wasn't necessary, hiw many more times can these Beatles albums be remixed, remastered, etc? I'm sure in ten years there will be another version of this album remixed ir remastered or whatever. It really was fine production wise so why the need to tamper with it?
  • The Bio Needs Correcting..

    By TheAtomizer
    I don’t know who writes an albums synopsis, but this one isn’t accurate at all. Do your research on the history of this album and when the songs were recorded and when Abbey Road was released and you’ll get an answer on which was truly the final album. Also, on how they broke up as well. Your months are wrong on that. Sheesh..come on Apple.
  • no thank you.

    By yasderek
    terrible terrible terrible
  • Waaaaa

    By layup9999
    Let it be is the only good one Fact: Jesus was actually a good person