Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live - Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live

Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1991-09-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 7

Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Freeway Jam Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 7:23
Earth (Still Our Only Home) Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 4:36
She's a Woman Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 4:26
Full Moon Boogie Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 6:09
Darkness / Earth In Search of Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 7:53
Scatterbrain Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 7:27
Blue Wind Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 6:34


  • Freeway Jam

    By Been-there
    Typical Beck live alteration and added gizmo effects. Album version is more enjoyable
  • Nice

    By Rick Drais
    While I consider "Blow by Blow", "Wired" and "There & Back" to be Beck's greatest, this is a nice little collection but hardly a classic. If nothing else, the "Wired" and "Blow" songs are worthwhile, and I have to admit that this version of "Freeway Jam" is a real kick -maybe more fun than the original, if not as technically wonderful. Fun, but I could do without the vocal stuff. Beck's one of those musicians who is best heard in an instrumental setting, at least since the Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck Group days.
  • A Ground Breaking Album

    By DGB of Raleigh
    I bought this in 1977 on vinyl and still believe it is one of the best live albums ever recorded, this was a meld of blues, rock and salsa-synthesiser. The one thing I always take away from this album is hearing the fun they had playing on stage together. Free flowing jams that were so tight and controlled that you wondered if they were written out note for note. Though Jeff Beck was a household name Jan Hammer was a somewhat unknown, but this album certainly helped him move onto bigger things including the Miami Vice soundtrack. Though I never owned an 8-track player, this was an album made for cruising in your Pontiac with the windows down and the music blasting and on hot summer day.
  • Holy crap! It's Jeff Beck!!

    By mjgordon
    One of the greatest guitarists ever to remember. This is such a sick album! You should really listen to all the songs on this and, if you really want more incredibly sick solos, you should check out Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen. The stuff is different yet similar.
  • pop music gets low-blowed with this Album.

    By adamcullen
    This is not just another rock album, with a few screaming guitar solos, catchy melodies and thats it. This is very technical, advanced music. Jeff Beck is playing with the legendary Jan Hammer, a Berklee grad and a phenom on keyboards. The grooves, the speed, the effects, the chords, they all come together to wow your ear and mind. 7 tracks of awesomeness, that come to an amazing climax in Scatterbrain. This album is definatley worth a few of your hard earned clams. you will not be regretful. Maybe this will serve as a bridge for some into the world of jazz fusion.
  • true creativity

    By basher64
    Listening to the first track you can really hear how advanced their musical explorations were. You must ask yourself, "Are they car horns or guitar/moog synth's?" You listen and decide. Rock/fusion at its best... Music like this is hard to find. To many people are only satisfied witht the popular songs. We need more music like Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer can create. I aslo recommend Billy Cobhams "spectrum" cd for more of the twisted sounds that are ready for you to enjoy.