Fearless (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2021-04-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 26
  • ℗ 2021 Taylor Swift

Fearless (Taylor's Version) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift 4:01
Fifteen (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift 4:54
Love Story (Taylor’s Version Taylor Swift 3:55
Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Versio Taylor Swift 4:14
White Horse (Taylor’s Versio Taylor Swift 3:54
You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Taylor Swift 3:51
Breathe (Taylor’s Version) [ Taylor Swift 4:23
Tell Me Why (Taylor’s Versio Taylor Swift 3:20
You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s Taylor Swift 4:21
The Way I Loved You (Taylor’ Taylor Swift 4:03
Forever & Always (Taylor’s V Taylor Swift 3:45
The Best Day (Taylor’s Versi Taylor Swift 4:05
Change (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift 4:39
Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Ver Taylor Swift 3:57
Untouchable (Taylor’s Versio Taylor Swift 5:12
Forever & Always (Piano Versio Taylor Swift 4:27
Come In With The Rain (Taylor Taylor Swift 3:57
Superstar (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift 4:23
The Other Side Of The Door (Ta Taylor Swift 3:58
Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor Taylor Swift 4:01
You All Over Me (Taylor’s Ve Taylor Swift 3:40
Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Taylor Swift 4:37
We Were Happy (Taylor’s Vers Taylor Swift 4:04
That’s When (Taylor’s Vers Taylor Swift 3:09
Don’t You (Taylor’s Versio Taylor Swift 3:28
Bye Bye Baby (Taylor’s Versi Taylor Swift 4:02



    By True3
    YAAAAAeeee!! HERE WE GO AGAIN Taylor takes us along for an amazing ride!!! NEVER GET TIRED OF THIS MUSICAL GENUS THAT is TAYLOR Swift!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
  • Money Grab

    By 1RUNNER!
    How ironic a Biden loving socialist is re-recording all of her albums for money. I guess she really does love capitalism. I feel sorry for all the people falling for this and buying the EXACT SAME album she already released. She is nothing more than a snake business woman who tries to sing. She is always playing the victim. So, this is on-brand for her. Also, her masters were not stolen from her. She never owned them. You have to own something first for them to be stolen. She signed a contract when she was an up and coming artist. A standard contract that all up and coming artist sign. Now that she is rich and famous she is upset with that contract. Almost every studio owns the artist's masters. So, this is nothing new. It was a LEGAL business deal when they were sold to Scooter (who doesn’t even own them anymore). Also, her dad is on the board. So I don’t believe her when she said she didn’t know about the LEGAL sale. She was also offered a way to get them back. It was her choice not to accept the deal that was presented to her. Studio time is not cheap. Big Machine Record invested in her. Big Machine need to and deserved to earned something in return, as they should. It takes more than just Taylor Swift to make an album (other writers, producers, her band, etc.). The fact that so many people just take her word for what happened and don’t do any research on how the music industry works is just sad. I have actually done a lot of research on this. So stop telling me to go do research. I also enjoy her music. I’ve been to two of her concerts. But, that doesn’t mean I have to blindly follow everything she does. She is a drama queen. She has spent years playing the victim. At the end of the d
  • Not a Cash Grab

    By Wolfhunter5455
    Everyone is saying that this is just a cash grab, and telling everyone not to waste their money. Taylor doesn’t do this for the money, she has this career because of her fans (like myself 😄 and many others), and she is doing this for her fans, and so that she can own her masters that she has had stolen from her. It’s absolutely ridiculous that everyone is hating on her because of her trying to reclaim a huge part of her past. This is her entire life, writing, singing, and producing music. Other people have said that she doesn’t even write all of her music which is just an out right lie. She has always, and will continue to write and co-write all of the music that she releases. The only exception to this is Untouchable (which is on this album), however she actually does have credits on her version of the song because the original writers told her that her version sounded so different from the original which was actually rock.
  • Amazing

    By Holly o hair
    Everyone go stream it!!💛💛💛
  • Love

    By beccadaisymae18
    Amazing and will always support Taylor. One of my favorite songwriters and musicians of this time. Don’t care if it’s mainstream. She’s so talented and the work she puts into writing… she DOES deserve to own her own masters and have control of that. It isnt fair.
  • (💛🧣♥️🚘 Taylor’s Version) Amazing!!

    By Anthony Snider
    Taylor you’re doing amazing and deserve every right to own your work!! I’m a local fine artist out here in Phoenix AZ. Painter that is. But I feel for you if what you’re going thru and you’re doing AMAZING just as you always do! To the haters: What’s your point??- She’s re-recording. So what??? It’s her music she can re-record as many times as she pleases! It’s actually smart what she’s doing! She’s re-recording everything from that specific era like Fearless or Red. BUT SHES ADDING EXCLUSIVE TRACKS!! Which makes them NEW EDITIONS to her collection!! So she has the originals to look back on even though those are sold (I’m sorry Taylor) but she can look back at those and say. That these are even better now than they were before!! What are y’all going to negatively say when her Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) comes out in the next year or two?? There’ll be hate from y’all on that one but she’ll still make it an amazing album just like she will 1989, Speak now, and Reputation. Just like she did Red and Fearless. So Speak Now. Or forever hold your peace. Cuz she’s got a blank space. And she’ll write your name. So hate hate hate. She’ll shake it off out of the woods with all the other bad blood.
  • Now this is fine art

    By Liz Car
    She kinda ate up big machine records with this one. I know they were planning on how to pay for their power.
  • Special

    By Matt J_
    This album is so special for so many reasons. All you need to do is listen to understand.
  • So proud of her

    By girl with a dream for music
    Look out scooter!!! Taylor swift is knocking you down!! I’ve always believed in her! Once a swiftie, always a swiftie!! Taylor swift is my biggest music music inspiration!! I’m 11 and Taylor I want to be just like you!! Great job!!!
  • sounds better than the original

    By Frenchie Life
    first of all, what she’s doing is genius. second of all, the newly recorded tracks sound better than the originals. her vocals have actually improved so much and a prime example is forever & always vs taylor’s version. i wasn’t that big of a fan of fearless until she re-recorded and now i’m obsessed. only buy this and forget about the original.