Blizzard of Ozz (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition) - Ozzy Osbourne

Blizzard of Ozz (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

Ozzy Osbourne

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2020-09-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19
  • ℗ This compilation (P) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Blizzard of Ozz (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
I Don't Know Ozzy Osbourne 5:15 USD 1.29
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne 4:53 USD 1.29
Goodbye to Romance Ozzy Osbourne 5:35 USD 1.29
Dee Ozzy Osbourne 0:49 USD 1.29
Suicide Solution Ozzy Osbourne 4:18 USD 1.29
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne 5:02 USD 1.29
No Bone Movies Ozzy Osbourne 3:52 USD 1.29
Revelation (Mother Earth) Ozzy Osbourne 6:09 USD 1.29
Steal Away (The Night) Ozzy Osbourne 3:30 USD 1.29
You Looking at Me, Looking at Ozzy Osbourne 4:14 USD 1.29
Goodbye to Romance Ozzy Osbourne 5:48 USD 1.29
RR Randy Rhoads 1:14 USD 1.29
I Don't Know Ozzy Osbourne 4:56 USD 1.29
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne 5:28 USD 1.29
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne 6:37 USD 1.29
Revelation (Mother Earth) Ozzy Osbourne 6:05 USD 1.29
Steal Away (The Night) Ozzy Osbourne 8:02 USD 1.29
Suicide Solution Ozzy Osbourne 7:36 USD 1.29
You Said It All Ozzy Osbourne 4:07 USD 1.29


  • doesn't dissapoint

    By crankit 66
    Randy dropped little gems all over his live playing. Adding double stops and harmonics and extra tidbits...all very rewarding for the listener. the studio stuff is what we all have heard for decades...but still is just as impactful.
  • Ozzy thought of everything

    By Skulltimatim
    This album was the best
  • Eh I give it one star

    By Supreme4k12
    I’m a Christian and Ozzie’s music is gross because of his obsession with being the Devils Advocate. Two songs are the exception. The first being Mama, I’m Coming Home. This song puts me in tears. That’s all I have to say about that. And then we have crazy train. One of the best songs of the 80s by far. The guitar behind it is incredible. I can’t stop air playing the riff in the middle. I am learning the electric guitar to be able to play it, but as you can tell it’s gonna take some time. Lol

    By RealAk4774
    DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. Buy the album!! BUY THE ALBUM!! BUY IT!!!!!
  • You Said It All

    By The Big Chicken
    I’ve waited for that song to make it to iTunes since the moment Ozzy’s catalogue was added. Better late than never.
  • Flawless !

    I love this album , anything extra is gravy !
  • "You Said it All," nothing else new

    By MusicManiac76
    There is nothing new here whatsoever. With the exception of, "You Said it All," the 6 live tracks here were part of the second disc of the "Diary of a Madman" Legacy Edition, which is still widely available on CD, but no longer on iTunes, and contains 5 more tracks. It is also available on vinyl, as it was an RSD release entitled, "Ozzy Live." Your best bet is to locate either the CD or vinyl of the entire performance. As for, "You Said it All," this is the first time it is available digitally to my knowledge, although it has been on numerous bootleg CDs and a couple of official vinyl releases, most recently the massive Ozzy vinyl box set released in 2019. All of that said, if you do not own Blizzard and would like to, this is definitely a good set to buy.
  • cool

    By FLZane
  • The issue I have with this

    By Definitelyarocker
    I am a die hard Ozzy Osbourne fan, but knowing that there are a lot of rare tracks, working demos and rough cuts out there that former bassist Bob Daisley has that are not included really is quite annoying. Give Daisley a fair deal guys and give the fans a real anniversary release. But the sound is great.
  • Nothing New

    By 8Len8
    How is this different than any of the previous releases, besides a new title? This live material was already included with a previous DOAM release.