Monsters - The Midnight


The Midnight

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2020-07-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15
  • ℗ 2020 Counter Records

Monsters ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
1991 (Intro) The Midnight 0:27
America Online The Midnight 5:49
Dance with Somebody The Midnight 4:17
Seventeen The Midnight 4:02
Dream Away The Midnight 3:39
The Search for Ecco The Midnight 4:04
Prom Night The Midnight 5:02
Fire in the Sky The Midnight 4:09
Monsters (feat. Jupiter Winter The Midnight 3:17
Helvetica The Midnight 5:16
Brooklyn The Midnight 4:14
Deep Blue The Midnight 3:57
Night Skies The Midnight 3:04
City Dreams (Interlude) The Midnight 2:17
Last Train The Midnight 4:22


  • Fantastic Album

    By Jimbobway01
    I've been a fan of The Midnight since 2017, and even though this album is different than their previous ones, it's still a fantastic album. "America Online" and "Dance With Somebody" are absolute classics already. Love all the 80's/90's references and, as always, the retro aesthetic. Keep it up, guys. You're doing awesome.
  • SOUL

    By sabitfodaman
    these songs make me sad and realize just how human we really are
  • What on Earth?

    By DeimosDragon
    What on Earth are some people here talking about? You want nostolgia? How about "Seventeen", "Prom Night" and "Last Train"? Or how about the cover of this album which is basically my room growing up!..LOL. This album is no different than any other Midnight album, it's PURE gold. I swear "Prom Night" made me fall in love with a girl I don't even know, LOL. Keep it up guys...Mono no aware!
  • Love it!

    By kkcraig27
    Dream Away is my favorite song on the album I think! 🙌🏻 Really great album all together, love their stuff!
  • Going more towards pop and less synthwave

    By suicidebystar
    I love The Midnight and was really looking forward to this album. But, after listening to it as a whole, I feel like they’re straying away from the pumping synthwave sound and going more toward a slower, softer pop style. It started out great with the first three tracks, but then loses me with the song Dream Away. It doesn’t even sound like a Midnight song. However, the songs Search for Ecco and Fire In the Sky are really good, so it begins to pick back up and feel like The Midnight. But then, Monsters and Brooklyn just feel out of place, especially Brooklyn. Then I realized it’s a remade version from the singer’s country side project. I really hope they go back to the sound from Nocturnal (their best album, IMO) and Endless Summer. I understand musicians need to grow, but this is not the direction I was hoping for. We’ll see. Their Amazon exclusive Horror Show sounds promising. Still a fan though.
  • Must Buy

    By Mr.Bearington
    This album is fire 🔥🔥🔥 music for my soul.
  • Immaculate

    By Cadyn3116
    Innately phenomenal.
  • Perhaps their best yet

    By ItsMillerTime69
    I love the shift into the 90s, the overarching mythology they’re going with. I think production/writing wise, this is their best effort. Props to them, you gotta have balls to steer away and go into new directions. Tim/Tyler crushed it, again.
  • Love their previous discography. Dislike this album.

    By ImpulsiveEye
    Ok, The Midnight. I get it. You’re probably growing tired of the 80’s revival thing at this point. You’ve said just about everything you had to say and at the height of your popularity, you’re not really sure where to take it next. I mean really, what hasn’t been done, or redone, in the genre at this point? However, this album’s new direction is a significant misstep. Your listeners are either having their expectations subverted or simply not met. Your would-be praisers will most likely listen to this album once or twice and then, put it away; regressing to listening your older stuff. As for the music itself, the sudden tempo change-ups are jarring, the robotic voice mod leaves me wanting clean vocals, and for the love of god, stop, STOP using the obnoxious hulk/mutant voice mod. It’s unpleasant and WAY overdone on this album to the point that it has become a creative crutch. Also, the hip hop beats really clash with The Midnight’s audio aesthetic. As for the album’s overall length; fully realized tracks aside; there is A LOT of filler here. This probably should have been an EP with more refinement on the flagship tracks rather than thinly spreading the songwriting out over 15 tracks. Bottom line: Evolution is painful, but necessary . If you must move on, perhaps you should retire “The Midnight” brand and reorganize as a new act. Otherwise, you risk tarnishing the art and legacy that you worked so hard to create.
  • Very good album

    By Colton Bigelow
    Most of these songs have a good message in them and I really enjoy that👍🏼