SOUND & FURY - Sturgill Simpson


Sturgill Simpson

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-09-27
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 2019 Elektra Records

SOUND & FURY ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Ronin Sturgill Simpson 3:48
Remember to Breathe Sturgill Simpson 2:56
Sing Along Sturgill Simpson 2:54
A Good Look Sturgill Simpson 4:01
Make Art Not Friends Sturgill Simpson 5:51
Best Clockmaker on Mars Sturgill Simpson 3:54
All Said and Done Sturgill Simpson 3:58
Last Man Standing Sturgill Simpson 2:10
Mercury in Retrograde Sturgill Simpson 4:31
Fastest Horse in Town Sturgill Simpson 7:05


  • Songs Rerecorded from Original

    By Grand Archon of the Planispheres
    What the heck happened? I bought the initial release of this album based on the rockin anime soundtrack. Now my iTunes tracks have been changed with some lame rerecorded album version??!
  • Amazing from beginning to end

    By Andiluvs
    This album is soooo kickass! I want destroy and conquer sh $# when it’s on lol
  • Haters gonna hate but

    By RandyRandersonman
    People want to hate because this isn’t a county album. People don’t have broad taste. This album is art. This album is beautiful. Sturgil still ties in his country roots with heavy rock and synth blend. This album is genius. It’s experimental. And it deserves 5 stars. It should win awards. Period.
  • Amazing music and movie!

    By KOZZY1171
    Every album he does is my favorite… till the next one…
  • This man can do it ALL!

    By Tony 2Toes
    Fantastic Job! What a talent, Glad to take witness to this great voice while he is living, very grateful!
  • I like it.

    By lofidelityrockr
    Since I first saw Sturgill Simpson on SNL I was hooked to hear what he had coming out next. Not every album is something I am into, but these days that isn’t a big surprise. Sometimes just a few tracks are good enough to get the an album by. This album, I get. I wasn’t so into the album prior to watching the animated feature that goes with it. It is like dropping in, at random, in a novel at random intervals trying to get what is happening with the story. Some tracks didn’t make sense. But after watching the feature all the way through, I get it. There is a story being told in the way DJ Shadow and James Lavelle got together with artists to tell a story with UNKLE in the beginning. Beastie Boys did it with ill communication and Queens of the Stone Age with ... Like Clockwork (who also had an animated story to go with the music. I love the ending quotes in the credits. I think those show Sturgill gets what is happening around him. Mercury in Retrograde is one of the tracks peppered in that sounds like Sturgill is telling a personal story he wants us to here. It isn’t necessarily a break from the rest of the album, just kind of a stand alone story he wants us to know about. Not every song is a big hit. Some of them sound overly processed with way too much audio distortion and tweaking of effects that ruin what otherwise would sound like a great track lying beneath a layer of near static. I hope people enjoy the album and the animated feature.
  • Dig It🤘🏼🤘🏼

    By j2damfnj
    Psychedelic Sci Funk Prog Outlaw Country!!! Dig it... I don’t believe this genres ever been done before! Sturgill continues to break new ground w/ each release
  • Ooof.

    By KellerJo
    This is my first introduction to sturgill Simpson, I have looked into his other albums now but this album is just electrifying. Sexiest sound I’ve heard this year
  • Album of the Decade

    By Fire_Marshall
    Probably the album of the decade. This album is truly amazing. Love the new sound, every song on this album is amazing. Sturgill is a great artist. Love all of his old stuff too.
  • The best!

    By Neutered Features
    Fantastic album-if you like good music! Definitely not cookie-cutter or formulaic.