The Beatles Boxset - The Beatles

The Beatles Boxset

The Beatles

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-09-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 240
  • This Compilation ℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)

The Beatles Boxset ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
I Saw Her Standing There The Beatles 2:52
Misery The Beatles 1:48
Anna (Go to Him) The Beatles 2:57
Chains The Beatles 2:25
Boys The Beatles 2:26
Ask Me Why The Beatles 2:26
Please Please Me The Beatles 2:00
Love Me Do The Beatles 2:21
P.S. I Love You The Beatles 2:04
Baby It's You The Beatles 2:40
Do You Want to Know a Secret The Beatles 1:57
A Taste of Honey The Beatles 2:03
There's a Place The Beatles 1:50
Twist and Shout The Beatles 2:33
It Won't Be Long The Beatles 2:12
All I've Got to Do The Beatles 2:02
All My Loving The Beatles 2:07
Don't Bother Me The Beatles 2:28
Little Child The Beatles 1:46
Till There Was You The Beatles 2:13
Please Mister Postman The Beatles 2:34
Roll Over Beethoven The Beatles 2:45
Hold Me Tight The Beatles 2:31
You Really Got a Hold On Me The Beatles 3:01
I Wanna Be Your Man The Beatles 1:59
Devil In Her Heart The Beatles 2:26
Not a Second Time The Beatles 2:06
Money (That's What I Want) The Beatles 2:47
A Hard Day's Night The Beatles 2:33
I Should Have Known Better The Beatles 2:43
If I Fell The Beatles 2:19
I'm Happy Just to Dance with Y The Beatles 1:56
And I Love Her The Beatles 2:29
Tell Me Why The Beatles 2:08
Can't Buy Me Love The Beatles 2:11
Any Time at All The Beatles 2:11
I'll Cry Instead The Beatles 1:45
Things We Said Today The Beatles 2:35
When I Get Home The Beatles 2:16
You Can't Do That The Beatles 2:34
I'll Be Back The Beatles 2:22
No Reply The Beatles 2:15
I'm a Loser The Beatles 2:30
Baby's In Black The Beatles 2:04
Rock and Roll Music The Beatles 2:31
I'll Follow the Sun The Beatles 1:48
Mr. Moonlight The Beatles 2:38
Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! The Beatles 2:38
Eight Days a Week The Beatles 2:43
Words of Love The Beatles 2:04


  • Come on Apple! How hard can it be?

    By Animatty
    For the love of god, make these songs sorted by their actual albums and not “the Beatles Boxset”. I’ve tried multiple times to reorganize these into their proper album a but it just keeps reverting to one 240 track albums. This is NOT how you do artist catalogs.
  • No song names, just the album titles. Wrong album artwork on some albums.

    By efishies15fivehundred
    I purchased this boxset not knowing that UMG Global, the seller of this boxset, put the metadata as a work name and a movement in the Get Info tab of Apple Music on macOS Big Sur 11.1. This means that instead of having a title name like most albums are, UMG Global decided to group this boxset as a classical work. I know this because I googled up, “Work and movement of title,” and on the Apple Support forum, it said that work names and movement of titles are only used for grouping classical works like Beethoven. This also means that when UMG Global put this boxset up for sale on the iTunes Store, they messed up the metadata for the boxset which is why it appears as the album title for the individual songs. I don’t recommend that you buy this boxset for the reason of the metadata being messed up because you will not like it. I know I didn’t when I bought it. I should’ve listened to the reviews and not have purchased it. Although the songs can be changed by highlighting all 14 of the albums in the Apple Music app on macOS Big Sur 11.1 and choosing title name over work name and movement of title, it can’t be changed on your iPhone for whatever weird reason. If you are currently subscribed to Apple Music, and you make changes on your Apple Music app in macOS Big Sur 11.1, the changes won’t appear on your iPhone like any other changes you make to your Apple Music library on your computer. If you do have an active Apple Music subscription, I would download all of The Beatles studio albums including the deluxe versions so that you don’t have to purchase this dumpster fire of a boxset and be disappointed.
  • Same Stupid Issue as Everyone Else

    By Hamwhipper
    I just bought this (Dec 22, 2020) and all the data info is jumbled like the other posts describe. Can't you fix this iTunes? It's so stupidly easy. Just do it!! Meanwhile, here's a tip that will help somewhat. Go into your library and do a search for "Beatles Boxset". This will bring up all the songs that downloaded. (There may be some that haven't for whatever reason--you better verify!) Then highlight all the ones that are missing their song titles. Right click on them. Select "Get Info". There's a tiny box labeled "work/movement" or something like that. Unclick it. The song titles will appear. That will fix the song titles but the album titles and some other odds and ends will still be screwed up. Hope that helps a little.
  • no song name missing tracks a mess

    By mls@1963
    I had this same issue. Here is what worked for me. Delete the album from your library. Delete it to the itunes file,not the recycle bin on your computer. Go to itunes files and click on album to unhide. Album should go back to the library reinstalled. Everything should come out like it should be. Good luck, it worked for me.
  • Don’t do it.

    By Amelia68
    It’s one long album. Individual album titles are not listed. I will have to go into iTunes and label them myself. You would think there would be a fix for it. But why should Apple care, they got my money.
  • I too have lost tracks and albums

    By Dagwood ;)
    It was when the Beatles boxset was first released, all was well and fine, although about 5 or so years ago albums and album tracks dissapeared. iTunes support had me rename my whole iTunes music library file so that they could download a fresh Beatles box set. It didn't work. Actually I lost every uploaded CD collection and the Beatles boxset remained incomplete. Frustrating. Needless to say I have moved on from iTunes, rarely touch it. Not worth the anxiety, but wonder why this issue occured in the first place.
  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • One giant mess

    By SVol11235813
    Bought this years ago. The box set used to appear as separate albums with appropriate tracks in each album. Then, everything got jumbled into one giant mess—all songs intermingled into one “box” album. I hate it. Can’t play the white album anymore. iTunes help was totally unhelpful. So my only option is to dump the box and buy individual albums. 0 stars if I could give a 0.
  • Awesome albums; but add mono mixes too

    By NHKOsakaTokyo
    Awesome, but why won’t the people who remaster these albums also add the mono mixes too so we can hear the difference between the mono and stereo mixes? I think it would be cool to have both mono and stereo mixes too.
  • Eleanor Rigby remastered, Do you want to Know a secret Remastered, Volume of voice ISSUE!

    By NathansPROPs
    I specificly bought this remasted version of Eleanor Rigby because my old version, Pauls voice goes into the background and you only hear the instruments and then it would cut out. But this version I was expecting That to be fixed and to sound good. But no sadly its now when I play it on my iphone specificy this happens, Pauls voice for the main lyrics fades in the background like hes singing 10 feet away from the microphone. But for the chorus of the song its fine no sound quality issues there. And for DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET, The voices are way in the backgroud and echoed the instruments are what you really hear. I think its something to do with the actual audio file and the phone or something but i guess i have to Listen to the youtube videos of these songs from now on since I can not stand these issues with it. PLEASE SOMEONE WHO PRODUCED THE ALBUM LOOK INTO THIS! AND APPLE TOOO!