Evolution (Deluxe Edition) - Disturbed

Evolution (Deluxe Edition)


  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-10-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14
  • ℗ 2018 Reprise Records

Evolution (Deluxe Edition) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Are You Ready Disturbed 4:21
No More Disturbed 3:52
A Reason to Fight Disturbed 4:44
In Another Time Disturbed 4:11
Stronger On Your Own Disturbed 4:01
Hold On to Memories Disturbed 5:03
Saviour of Nothing Disturbed 4:12
Watch You Burn Disturbed 4:20
The Best Ones Lie Disturbed 4:02
Already Gone Disturbed 4:28
The Sound of Silence (feat. My Disturbed 4:52
This Venom Disturbed 4:19
Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Rem Disturbed 3:36
Uninvited Guest Disturbed 3:55


  • Going through the motions since Indestructible

    By dubyabee5
    Loved Disturbed for years, but they’ve clearly gone complacent. Every song sounds formulaic with different words plugged in. Super disappointing. They’ve lost me.
  • Different

    By BillyMedia
    A different sound all together on this album. Some I like some not so much but definitely evolutionary in comparison to their prior careers work.
  • I really like this

    By fdaxt
    This is really good
  • Speaks to me

    By rncook63
    Having followed Disturbed for years and aging as they have, I tell myself I understand the progression of their music (just like I understood Van Halen’s back in my youth). Life go from very clear black-and-white to a continuum of gray. This is by far my fave album of the band’s collection. The guitar riffs and vocals are potent as ever. Hold on to the Memories hits me in the gut as I think of my dead dad and stepdad and great moments of my past. And it makes me wonder what I will be remembered for some day. The one that rips out my soul is A Reason to Fight. I lost my father to suicide and could have lost one of my daughters too except she asked me for help. The only thing stronger than the song is the live video as David talks to the crowd. The band is by far my fave and this is some of the best music and emotion they’ve yet produced. I’m looking forward to their next album to see what they add to their legacy.
  • We need to appreciate what we’ve got.

    By skjeirnskll
    Dave’s voice has been a well kept secret for Disturbed fans for years. I’m so glad that the masses are noticing the talent that we’ve been enjoying for 5 albums. How many Disturbed converts have come aboard since Immortalized? This new album cements Dave as the greatest male voice in Rock. How long will it be before another talent like this comes along?
  • Its ok

    By akdgaidbsh
    Most of the albums sound and start the same
  • Wait, who’s Disturbed again?

    By Kayli Squirrel
    If these songs were by some other band, they would be fine I guess. But the fact that these songs are by Disturbed is... disturbing. Dave didn’t make his grunting sounds once, and that says something about this album! They should go back to their roots. Stop trying to bring in a new modern audience and get some inspiration from the first albums.
  • Bit of a hit or miss

    By ShadowSTR12
    I’ll admit, I’m a much bigger fan of their older stuff than this. Some of the tracks in here are really good for what they are, but others just feel forced and don’t have that same energy. They tried something new. Didn’t fail completely but didn’t hit either. Over-all, Lukewarm.
  • You’re all dumb

    By Blackhawk0223
    I just came here to upset the 40 year old virgins who are complaining about the album.
  • Holy Sh*t, Uninvited Guest

    By GamerLandon3000
    I honestly love the album as a whole, but Uninvited Guest is my favorite song from the album. I love the melody, the acoustic elements and the soft vocals. It really is a touching song. I know people hate this album for it being too soft, but the acoustic songs and touching vocals are a nice addition to the album. Keep up the great work guys