Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Music from the Motion Picture) - Lorne Balfe

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Music from the Motion Picture)

Lorne Balfe

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-07-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 26
  • ℗ 2018 Paramount Music

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Music from the Motion Picture) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
A Storm Is Coming Lorne Balfe 1:12 USD 0.99
Your Mission Lorne Balfe 2:14 USD 0.99
Should You Choose to Accept... Lorne Balfe 2:34 USD 0.99
The Manifesto Lorne Balfe 1:44 USD 0.99
Good Evening, Mr. Hunt Lorne Balfe 4:19 USD 0.99
Change of Plan Lorne Balfe 5:47 USD 0.99
A Terrible Choice Lorne Balfe 2:54 USD 0.99
Fallout Lorne Balfe 1:30 USD 0.99
Stairs and Rooftops Lorne Balfe 6:00 USD 0.99
No Hard Feelings Lorne Balfe 4:20 USD 0.99
Free Fall Lorne Balfe 4:14 USD 0.99
The White Widow Lorne Balfe 4:42 USD 0.99
I Am the Storm Lorne Balfe 2:07 USD 0.99
The Exchange Lorne Balfe 5:54 USD 0.99
Steps Ahead Lorne Balfe 1:02 USD 0.99
Escape Through Paris Lorne Balfe 5:05 USD 0.99
We Are Never Free Lorne Balfe 6:57 USD 0.99
Kashmir Lorne Balfe 4:29 USD 0.99
Fate Whispers to the Warrior Lorne Balfe 3:54 USD 0.99
And the Warrior Whispers Back Lorne Balfe 3:56 USD 0.99
Unfinished Business Lorne Balfe 1:49 USD 0.99
Scalpel and Hammer Lorne Balfe 5:10 USD 0.99
The Syndicate Lorne Balfe 6:00 USD 0.99
Cutting on One Lorne Balfe 3:42 USD 0.99
The Last Resort Lorne Balfe 2:55 USD 0.99
Mission: Accomplished Lorne Balfe 1:14 USD 0.99


  • Great Score

    By Jarrod Gibbons
    It's a fantastic score. I just hate it when they release these soundtracks with the tracks out of order. I guess I'll wait for it to be re-released in an expanded edition or something.
  • stairs and rooftops

    By hepdap
    this song has just the right beat. love the snare drums! also the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE theme mixed ito the song is fantastic! great job Lorne Balfe
  • Sound Addiction

    By FuncleT
    The Film is Great! This soundtrack is Phenomenal! The Drums, Piano, Synths, and Chior are used perfectly.

    By Snapchats CEO
    Has a different feel do it but the way it’s all put together is awesome Best movie in 2018
  • Dramatic and moving

    By JC10-2
    Love this. The best soundtrack of the series so far.

    By MarkEric121
    This far exceeds anything Michael Gacchiano has done in the past for the music of this franchise. The depth and weight, the drama and reletlessness is pure perfection. I can't stop listening to this score. Lorne Balf has done it again!!!
  • Inceptionization of Schifrin themes

    By Cjones-CU
    Half a century ago Lalo Schifrin gave us two cues that have been perhaps the most worked over in movie history-the instantly recognizable Mission Impossible theme and a second frequent companion originally titled “The Plot”. Multiple composers have tried to put their own twists on these themes over 6 movies now. For instance, Michael Giacchino liked to try dressing these up with ethnic/regional twists. Here Lorne Balfe takes a swing at it. Perhaps reflecting his frequent work with Hans Zimmer and perhaps channeling techniques from his video game work, Balfe has disassembled the classic themes more than laid material on top of them. For me this didn’t work. Repeating the same bar of a theme over and over (or even dropping to just two notes) as a means of introducing tension just seems annoying, and then the presence of the “horn of doom” and very slow playing of a theme under a lot of percussive material just felt like a failed attempt at pulling off what did work in Inception and the Nolan Batman trilogy. Maybe it is having such a familiar theme worked over. The absence of any recognizable theme other than these older ones made this effort seem a bit empty. Now this might work admirably in the film, and given how many others have attacked this material maybe this was the only imaginative way forward, but as a free standing album I was left cold.
  • Another Great M:I Score!

    By LordShen528491
    I am a big fan of the M:I movies and their scores. Many of my favorite composers have composed for the series and all have brought their signature styles to the franchise. Lorne Balfe has made the darkest score of the series and his unique style was the perfect match for this movie. Balfe is always a great choice for action movies. His choice of instruments for this score were great as well. This is a fantastic score and I can’t wait for the future!
  • A very different feel

    By ThePhantomThieve
    I really dig the way this music came out, it's epic in all the right ways. Loved the the horns and Bonos he used and the piano was a nice touch too, i really hope they keep lorne balfe for the next one. This score and Rogue Nation are my two Favorite MI scores.