No Tourists - The Prodigy

No Tourists

The Prodigy

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2018-11-02
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 2018 Take Me To The Hospital Limited under exclusive licence to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

No Tourists ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Need Some1 The Prodigy 2:42
Light Up the Sky The Prodigy 3:19
We Live Forever The Prodigy 3:43
No Tourists The Prodigy 4:18
Fight Fire with Fire (feat. Ho The Prodigy 3:28
Timebomb Zone The Prodigy 3:24
Champions of London The Prodigy 4:49
Boom Boom Tap The Prodigy 4:05
Resonate The Prodigy 3:50
Give Me a Signal (feat. Barns The Prodigy 4:01


  • We LivE ForEv3R,

    By 3Donovan
    38 Minutes of Sufficient energy to last a whole day! Keith Flint Was a Genius and this album is the Pro0F> Dude Will be Missed on this end but at least we have His Music to Last us a while. Great Album ' "CHARLY SAYS: Always Tell your Mummy Before you go off somewhere". R>I>P KEITH!
  • RIP Keith

    By Sozman5k
    Great band
  • Good Stuff!

    By Jezebelfan
    Great opener. Aggressive and in your face. I just wish there were more Keith Flint vocals and guitars but still a good release. I was drawn to this group whenever they released the Fat of the Land and I'm still a fan. I just hope that Keith doesn't leave. Hardcore fans may disagree and I understand. Either way, the music has always been enjoyable!
  • Production is showing age, still a good effort

    By DavidSanMarcos
    I have been a hardcore fan of the Prodigy since their first EP on XL. I love them. Liam Howlett is one of my all-time heroes. Having said that, No Tourists, like their previous effort, fails to offer much in the way of surprises and, maybe more troubling, the overall production just doesn't hold up to today's fidelity. As a DJ, just look at the waveforms next to more contemporary artists - tracks like the exceptional "Light Up the Sky" is nonetheless handicapped by a hollow level of bass, and... well... I'm not smart enough to know all the proper production terms but... it just sounds crunchy in a sloppy/crappy way, not a punk rock kinda way - which I think maybe is what Howlett was going for? I dunno. Anyway, there's definitely some winners on here, and I get all the nods to their earlier work, but I just think we've kind of already heard all the tricks this show has to offer at this point. Again, still better than most of the dreck out there. But badly in need of some updating.
  • Yaaaaaaaassssss!

    By grindhouse66
    I love you. I love this. Thank you, boyz, and a big fat juicy MUAH!
  • Very solid release

    By Gorillamullins
    This is a very consistent banger from The Prodigy. Nice flow, strong energy throughout.
  • Pure Adenaline!!! #PaganDanceOrgy

    By SanSolei
    This work is Pure Adenaline!!! - We Live Forever ='s MIND BLOWN!!! #PaganDanceOrgy
  • Good!!

    By La Boca de Chopa
    Great comeback by The Prodigy. Some root sounds like Music for the Jilted Generation and The Fat of the Land.
  • Great album

    By Rocket XYZ
    Prodigy lays down some awesome songs in this album, including classic beats reminiscent of Fat of the Land. Great adrenaline rush to make you move.
  • Fire!

    By birdiegirl_25
    Love this one! Title song and Fight Fire with Fire are my very favorites off of this album. Thank you, Prodigy, for not following the build-the-beat-up-for-20-mins-then-drop formula that ALL of the EDM artists are doing now. Thank you for not only not trying to fix what's not broken and blindly follow trends, but improving your game. BRAVO!