Summer Breeze (Remix) - Single - Seals & Crofts

Summer Breeze (Remix) - Single

Seals & Crofts

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2004-05-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1
  • ℗ 2004 Warner Records Inc.

Summer Breeze (Remix) - Single ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Summer Breeze (Philip Steir Re Seals & Crofts 4:30


  • Fantastic Rework

    By Nesto74
    I think remixes are lost on some people, but I applaud them for giving it a listen. This rework is good, it hasn't aged very well to newer listeners, Anyway, I think you should at least listen to a preview, you never know what might catch your ear.
  • Awesome REMIX

    By RexAnson
    For all you naysayers, it's a remix!! If you like the original better, buy it.
  • Original is better

    By C95376
    This remix ruins the originality and harmony that the original has.
  • Summer Breeze **reloaded

    By Chistopher Waugh
    This is the quintessential summer song, and miraculously, it's even improved by this fresh remix (which, if my memory serves me correctly, was created for a GAP summer promotion?). Either way, I couldn't recommend this version more. It's as good as (if not superior to) the original.
  • Coolio

    By saikoyama
    Hehe.. My Biology teacher played this song on the speakers while we were taking a final. It was kinda weird but I found out that I liked the song! Awesome remix.
  • yes I think good

    By Ricky Schroeppel
    I think good - When you listen to the little snippet preview, you'll know whether you want it or not. Of course if you get it, DO NOT throw away the original, which is totally classic.
  • It took the invention of iTunes for me to finally locate this remix - love it!

    By June Grape
    Heard this on my local lite music station about five or six years ago, and the station never identified the track (remix), so I had no idea how to get it. Now that iTunes is around, I remembered hearing this years ago, and looked it up. I really like it; it's so mellow, and to my non-technical ears, the remix gently enhances the song, not ruins it.
  • Im with ned2!!!!!

    By Future Donald
    Upon hearing this remix, this question arose in my mind: WHY??? Why would anyone want to take a song that was so perfectly written, arranged, produced and recorded (at a time when organic, REAL musicianship was appreciated), and ruin it by sticking a "fake" rhythm track on it?...The drummer on the original version of this particular track was Jim Gordon, who was indeed, a stellar musician! (He, in fact, co-wrote Layla with Eric Clapton, and played the piano on the second part of that classic tune!) There is no machine that can replace what Jim could bring to the table, musically!...If you want to hear this song as it was meant to be heard, buy the original!!! If you want to hear another great take on this tune, check out The Isley Brothers version. But as for this remix?...Sorry, I have to agree with ned2.
  • pilot

    By ned2
    I should have bought the original version. This remix is awful- ruins the song. I wasted my money.
  • Nice Remix.

    By Angry Black Man
    It's good to see Phil Steir still doing studio work post-Consolidated. Although this mix *sounds* a bit dated dut to Steir using remix techniques from the mid-90's, it's irrelevant - this song now has a fresh take due to his talents. Clunky, thick drums now bless this mix, due to his taste in chunky beats. All of this whilst still staying true to the origonal. Buy it.