Outsider - Three Days Grace


Three Days Grace

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-03-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2018 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Outsider ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Right Left Wrong Three Days Grace 3:56
The Mountain Three Days Grace 3:18
I Am an Outsider Three Days Grace 2:42
Infra-Red Three Days Grace 3:50
Nothing to Lose But You Three Days Grace 2:52
Me Against You Three Days Grace 3:29
Love Me or Leave Me Three Days Grace 3:04
Strange Days Three Days Grace 3:10
Villain I'm Not Three Days Grace 2:55
Chasing the First Time Three Days Grace 2:55
The New Real Three Days Grace 3:00
The Abyss Three Days Grace 4:09


  • Haters 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

    By Movie Man!!!
    The two albums with Matt are fantastic, plain and simple! I loved Adam but he needed to go - now I have two bands to listen to and frankly 3DG is way better than SA - it’s not close ! 💀💀 these haters leaving nasty reviews need to get a life - these dudes have more talent in there fingertips than you haters!!!
  • Eh

    By ZeldaOcarina
    Eh. Slightly better than Human, but still not great
  • Straight Garbage

    By Dyamond Dyva
    Whoever Said 3DG Is Back They Lied There Last Two Albums Are Straight Garbage And Yes The Real 3DG Fans Would Like To Have Adam Back Because This New Singer Sounds Really Bad
  • Ringtone!!!

    By Madman fan
    Need this as a ringtone apple!!!
  • Unpopular opinion

    By Philamina18
    I prefer the new singer. Digging the new sound.
  • You guys gotta admit these guys pulled it back together

    By Scarecrow023894788
    Some of you may not like the songs they are making but even though they lost Adam they pulled themselves back up and continued to write songs
  • Yeah!

    By Icie3
    This is a solid album
  • Good album, like all the rest

    By We searcher
    All the negative reviews are just people who can’t over change and that Adam left. Grow up and if you don’t like, don’t listen to it then
  • Amazing Live

    By TheJenniX
    I find it amusing how so many reviews diss a new vocalist because the sound has changed. The band as it is now has incredible stage presence, and performed songs off this record flawlessly. My personal favorite is “Infra-red.” Say what you want about missing the old vocalist, this guy has some pipes.
  • Better than Human but I’m mixed with it

    By Dark-Musician
    I really miss Adam Gontier and Three Days Grace’s older stuff. I don’t hate Matt Walst! I think he has a nice voice but him and the band has got to improve their lyrics and music production. Right Left Wrong (8/10): I thought this song was better than the other two singles and I loved how Three Days Grace made this the opening track of the album. However, the lyrics are a bit repetitive, like “run away” and “the time has come”. The second verse did made me feel something tho. The chorus, while it’s not really the best chorus I’ve seen from newer Three Days Grace, I think it’s still cool and I also like how Matt changed the range when he sang “wrong” in the second time he sang the chorus after the second verse from E4 to B4. I really like that and I gotta give props to him. But I think the bridge is the best part of the song because it goes deep and it got me singing it after I listened to it a few times and I also like how the drums crescendo and decrescendo during the quiet time of the bridge. The whole bridge is pretty great and the song is very solid overall. The Mountain (5/10): I honestly used to love this song a lot, but after giving it a few more listens...I ended up being underwhelmed on it. This song is just an anthem about never giving up and the lyrics are pretty repetitive, especially the chorus. The melody is kind of catchy tho, but still. I Am An Outsider (3/10): I feel like this song was written by a 12 year old. The lyrics are immature and unrelatable, and the production and the guitar work are pretty boring. I never got into this song from the start after I was done listening to it. There wasn’t anything interesting for me about this song. Everything about this song is just boring. Infra-Red (9/10): I’m usually not a fan of love songs because most of them I’ve heard where bland and mainly pop, but I actually find this song pretty interesting. The guitars work out pretty good and the lyrics are good too. Matt’s voice sound great in this song too. Nothing To Lose But You (7.5/10): I honestly didn’t really expect to like this because of the title and how slow the song is, but the singing actually had emotion in it and I can feel it. The lyrics were decent too. Me Against You (1/10): *sighs* This has got to be my least favorite song on the album. This song really makes me laugh and cringe to the core. The lyrics are pretty whiny and repetitive. The guitars are bland and the production is weird. And when Matt says “f*** that”, I honestly laughed pretty hard. This song makes me want to scream “shut up”, especially the f*** that part. I don’t even know what they were going for in this song. I can’t take this song seriously tho... Love Me Or Leave Me (2/10): This song does nothing for me and it’s honestly a little more boring than “I Am An Outsider”. The lyrics are repetitive and there’s like less guitars in this. I don’t like a lot of stuff on this song tbh. Strange Days (4.5/10): The verse does have a nice pace to it hit it isn’t all that great. The melodies are ok but the lyrics are purely bland, especially in the chorus. I also feel like the drums are a little too loud and it’s just seems like a pure filler song. Villain I’m Not (9.5/10): IMO, this is the best song on the album. The guitar riffs are catchy and easy to jam along to, the lyrics are strong, and I find it easy to sing along to. This song gives me a throwback to Three Days Grace’s first album and I kind of gives me “I Hate Everything About You” vibes. While the song isn’t really that special, I still find it relatable to me and I still find myself really enjoying this song despite its little flaws. Chasing the First Time (4/10): Honestly, I never really got into this song. I don’t find it a strong song in any way shape or form. I don’t really like the lyrics and how slow paced it is. It kind of reminds me of “Chalk Outline”. While I like Chalk Outline, I can’t get into “Chasing the First Time”. The New Real (8.5/10): Wow, this song took a long time to grow on me. At first I didn’t understand the lyrics and thought they were weird but I thought about the meaning of the song and TDG actually has a point because people in the world are just trying to be somebody they’re not which I can agree and understand. I also like the quiet intro and the opening lyrics. I always thought they were strong to start the song off and the first and second verse are strong too. The chorus, while it has its weird lyrics sometime, (like the gangster wannabe part) I think it’s understandable of people just trying to be somebody and I think it describes different people being good, bad, or neutral. Although, I can understand why people don’t like the song because it has some weird lyrics but I think it’s actually one of the best songs on the album and I also love how much attitude the song has and I love how upbeat and fast paced it is. So props to you TDG for making this song grow on me a lot for a long time. The Abyss (8.5/10): Wow...a good opening and a good closer to the mixed album? That’s a surprise! I found the lyrics strong even though it has a negative message about giving up and going into the abyss. Also, where did that scream came from?! That really shocked me! I wish there were more screams on this song, but this song is still a good way to close the album. So, the opening track, Infra-Red, Villain I’m Not, and the last songs are my favorites from the album. The rest of the songs were completely filler ones tbh. Overall, this album is just ok and better than Human but not way better. I’m still a fan of Three Days Grace, but I prefer listening to their older stuff.