Suffer Well (DJ Version) - EP - Depeche Mode

Suffer Well (DJ Version) - EP

Depeche Mode

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2006-03-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6
  • ℗ 2006 Sire Records. Marketed by Reprise Records, A Warner Music Group Company.

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Suffer Well (DJ Version) - EP ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Suffer Well Tiga (Remix) Depeche Mode 6:30 USD 1.29
Suffer Well (Narcotic Thrust V Depeche Mode 6:42 USD 1.29
Suffer Well (Alter Ego Remix) Depeche Mode 6:09 USD 1.29
Suffer Well (M83 Remix) Depeche Mode 4:34 USD 1.29
Suffer Well (Metope Vocal Remi Depeche Mode 6:28 USD 1.29
Suffer Well (Metope Remix) Depeche Mode 6:52 USD 1.29


  • I Love the Remixes, but Where's "Better Days?"

    By RW2Photo
    The remixes of "Suffer Well" are solid, but it's annoying and frustrating that the excellent b-side "Better Days" isn't included. It's available at the UK iTunes site, so why not here? iTunes really dropped the ball this time. Still, the remixes are hot, and Depeche Mode is one of my favorite bands. I'd give it five stars, but I'll deduct one for the omission of "Better Days."
  • one of depeche mode's best

    By p dot
    by far one of the best songs on the new album. it is the quintessential depeche mode, as well as the quintessential dave gahan, who wrote and sings the song.
  • Better Days

    By yankonit
    You'd think with I-Tunes, we'd finally be able to legally purchase music from all over, but NO. If you go to some of the other I-Tunes sites, such as Germany or the UK, you will find a LOT more music, versions and mixes you are looking for, that the U.S. doesn't offer. Now why is that? Same ole same ole. Then they wonder why people "steal" music off of limewire or get it off ebay.
  • Best mix is missing from both EPs

    By matt_tx00
    The best remix of Suffer Well is the "Dirty Monkey" remix done by none other than the legendary DJ Peter Rauhofer. By far one of the best-ever remixes done by Peter Rauhofer and one of the best-ever remixes of Depeche Mode's work. This is an officially sanctioned mix that has been promoted to dance clubs throughout the U.S. Suffer Well is now #2 on the Billboard Dance Chart mostly because of this mix. Typical of Depeche Mode, they leave the best remix off the EP (they did the same thing with "Precious"). The Rauhofer Mix is not commercially available anywhere right now. Of the rest of the mixes on here, only the Narcotic Thrust mix is decent although it is only a dub.
  • suffer well

    By siozios
    very nice depeche mode rules............................. you want real good music then buy anything by depeche mode :)
  • Narcotic Thrust Mix Rocks

    By BBakersf
    DM is back with this album, and the remixes have been consistently just as top-notch. Most of the mixes are more on the mellow side, but for dancing, the Narcotic Thrust mix is the standout here! Highly recommended.
  • Unexpected...

    By Edgartronic
    This EP surprised me for a few reasons: 1) The Tiga & Metope mixes, which I was eagerly anticipating, were a bit of a let down. Not terrible, but they do seem kinda "phoned-in". 2) The Alter Ego & M83 mixes are fantastic, as they add a whole new dimension to the song. Truly a surprise to hear two completely different takes on a DM tune that work in their own way. 3) I gotta agree with all the other reviewers...where did "Better Days" go?

    this single/EP is supposed to be Suffer Well Pt.1 which should include two tracks: Suffer Well and Better Days.
  • I agree

    By lghruska1974
    I am going to have to go out and buy the cd single becuase I would like the bside also. I think it is stupid of itunes not to put the whole album on here for download.
  • Where's Better Days?!

    By Ragaspider
    I love DM singles. They are the best thing after the great album they just delivered. My only problem with this single is that the B-Side "Better Days" is missing. The main reason for me to love Depeche Mode singles is because, usually they always come with an extra Non-Album Track. Come on guys!!! Be ahead of "the other guys" (Rhap...what?) and deliver this song to us DM fans By the way, this is the best DM work since "Songs of Faith & Devotion" Great single, Excellent album...DM rocks!!!