Spirit (Deluxe) - Depeche Mode

Spirit (Deluxe)

Depeche Mode

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ 2017 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Spirit (Deluxe) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Going Backwards Depeche Mode 5:42
Where's the Revolution Depeche Mode 4:59
The Worst Crime Depeche Mode 3:48
Scum Depeche Mode 3:14
You Move Depeche Mode 3:49
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:51
Eternal Depeche Mode 2:24
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 3:17
So Much Love Depeche Mode 4:29
Poorman Depeche Mode 4:25
No More (This Is the Last Time Depeche Mode 3:13
Fail Depeche Mode 5:07
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:26
Scum Depeche Mode 5:26
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 4:16
Fail Depeche Mode 5:37
So Much Love Depeche Mode 7:19


  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • Shame

    By Vaggerbond1
    Just downright poor old man’s music. Rubbish.
  • Love me some DM!!!

    By JohnnyAYQ
    Still a huge fan since the beginning... while I’ve liked some albums better than others, not a single one has disappointed! This is no exception! DM... I love it!
  • Same ol Depeche

    By Stew879
    Hasn’t Depeche Mode always been pushing boundaries and somewhat taking a stand on things? I remember distinctly a couple songs from Some Great Reward that were political in nature . . . . May not be their greatest album, but by golly they still have the same quirky, synth sounds that they’ve always had and layers upon layers of different moving sounds all complementing each other in one song . . . . Would definitely listen to this album any day over the trash that’s on the radio.
  • Conservative Manifesto?

    By Mr. Drinks
    The songwriting overall has been inconsistent since Playing the Angel, with some notable exceptions being "Wrong", "In Chains", "Welcome to My World", and "Heaven". But I feel overall, this is a better album than Delta Machine, by far, but still behind Sounds of the Universe. Many believe that Depeche Mode has joined the #resistance with this album, but when asked about this, DM has pointed that, these songs were all written when it was expected that Hilary Clinton and the Democrats were taking the Presidency. So does that make this album a Conservative Manifesto? I don't think it's either one. I think Martin and Dave simply feel the world is regressing in many ways, and even when cornered, they would never confess to what side they are aligned. It's part of what makes them so likeable, that you can come to your own conclusions.
  • I love this album

    By links4u
    I have and will always love Depeche mode. They have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life to include being deployed to combat zones. I saw them perform recently in Phoenix, Arizona this year for the first time ever. I wish they could make music forever. Thanks for another great album DM!! You guys are crazy to be giving DM anything less than 5 stars. You’re a selfish fan if you can’t appreciate how amazing this album is.
  • Yeah baby

    By Zamboy1
    Down right my go to album at the moment.
  • What happened to them

    By daveliss
    Martin L. Gore is such an amazing talent coupled with Andrew Fletcher and David Gaham. David’s voice is still top notch but this album is such a waste of my time. You guys can do better than this!
  • Love it

    By Mike Wloszczykowski
    My favorite band. Concert was awesome. They don't let me down.
  • Great Album! Yes, It's True!

    By DM_4_LIFE
    Just buy it already. You know you will. If you just listen to the samples, you are cheating yourself and your ears the pleasure of some really great songs. Listen to it without distractions. You will like it. It will grow on you and soon, you'll play the songs over and over. See them perform this in concert and you'll wish you really paid attention instead of recording them behind your phone. Enjoy DM while you can. Pay attention and let the music flow through your mind. And if you listen hard enough and quit your complaining, you'll find that bit of nostalgia you so desperately want.